What Are the Best Roofing Services in Bergen County, NJ?

Do you pride yourself on being proactive rather than reactive? Well, that’s a particularly valuable trait when it comes to your commercial roofing in Bergen County,NJ  and beyond.

As with many things, it is easy to take your roof for granted while it does its job year after year. Unfortunately, leaks may be silently diminishing your roof and substructure. By the time a stain appears on an interior surface, substantial damage may have already been done.

Complete Commercial Roofing Services

A good full-service commercial roofer will offer all the services you need to maintain, repair and upgrade your roof.

There are a number of ways to be proactive about your roofing and to potentially save your business thousands of dollars along the way:

  • Conduct periodic commercial roof inspections
  • Arrange for routine service work
  • Act quickly if you suspect storm damage
  • Address systemic roof problems
  • Invest in a truly customized roof system

Inspections and service work

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There is no better way to extend the life of your commercial roof system than to invest in regular roof inspections and service work. Enrollment in a commercial roof maintenance program is an excellent way to address every aspect of your roof system.

It is ideal to have a certified inspector examine your roof to look for leaks, punctures, drainage issues, debris buildup, seam failures and loose flashing. A good certified inspector can also look for signs of deterioration like blistering, cracking and shrinking. In many instances, this proactive approach will resolve developing problems at a modest expense.

Leak detection is so important that some full-service roofing contractors offer thermal scans. Sophisticated equipment detects the temperature difference between wet and dry areas since wet areas retain heat for a longer period of time once the sun sets.

Emergency repairs

Severe wind storms, heavy snow or large hail may inflict acute damage to your roof. If you suspect damage of any kind, prompt action is crucial.

Even though most roof membranes are pretty tough, falling debris may puncture the surface, allowing water to make its way into the sub-roofing and even into building’s interior. Keep in mind that emergency repairs following storm damage may be covered by your insurance.

General roof repairs

roofing bergen county nj

When water intrudes for any reason, roof leak repair is a key priority. As roofs age, repairs may become increasingly frequent. For example, leaks may occur as an aging, shrinking membrane pulls away from a roof perimeter.

At some point, it is more cost-effective and less disruptive to invest in a new roof system. Improper installation by a previous contractor is a common cause of subsequent problems.

Bad seams, failed flashing and poor or deteriorated caulking are all issues that require prompt repair. Sometimes, a problem installation leads to drainage issues that threaten an otherwise solid roof.

Customized roof systems

An investment in a properly installed, high-quality custom roof system pays off through reduced repair expenses and increased peace of mind.

There are a number of excellent, flat-roof systems on the market, including prefabricated PVC roofs from Duro-Last, high-quality membrane roof systems from Carlisle SynTec and advanced wind-vented roofs from Environmental Roofing Components (ERC).

If you have a single layer of roofing on your building at this point, it may be possible to install a high-quality, single-ply membrane over it, saving you tear-off and debris disposal expenses.

Today’s membrane roofs come in a variety of colors in addition to white and black. Some highly reflective systems can potentially reduce your cooling costs for many years to come.

How to Find the Best Contractor

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You want to be proactive about your roof, but where do you turn? Your friends and business associates may be able to give you a “heads up” as to who provides quality commercial roofing in Bergen County NJ.

Don’t hesitate to ask fellow members of trade associations and local service organizations about their commercial roofing experiences. Even in today’s digital world, old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals remain as valuable as ever.

Today’s Internet and social media also provide additional ways to research roofing services in Bergen County NJ. For example, active commercial roofing contractors often post testimonials and photographs of completed projects on their websites or on Facebook.

As you perform your due diligence, develop a list of roofing contractors who are worthy of consideration. Invite several companies to send their representatives to your facility. As you compare their ideas and recommendations, you’ll get a sense of who has the knowledge and expertise that inspires confidence.

Since every commercial roof is unique, look for a contractor that demonstrates an ability to design a roof system just for you. A custom roof that addresses your structure’s special requirements will serve you well for a long time to come. Finally, the right roofing company will offer fair prices while demonstrating an ability to put you and your needs first.

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