Commercial New Construction

Invest In A Long Term Solution.

CRS Is Best In Class

When it comes to new commercial construction, CRS welcomes comparisons to everyone from local roofers to out-of-state contractors. Multiple factory certifications from leading manufacturers like Duro-Last, Carlisle and Environmental Roof Components(ERC) attest to our wide acceptance within the industry. We lead the pack in our ability to truly customize a roofing solution consisting of high-quality materials installed up to code.

CRS is a cutting-edge contractor with up-to-date knowledge of newer roofing materials. For example, we understand how to successfully integrate a new commercial roof with a solar installation. We also know about the latest building code updates.

The CRS Difference

When roofing work is completed by an out-of-state contractor, a natural question comes up: “What happens when there’s a problem?” A lot is at stake because a new commercial roof has a lifespan measured in decades. Contractors from far away that have no problem sending out a full crew to install a new roof may be slow to respond when there’s a leak, storm damage or a warranty claim.

Fortunately, CRS is a local roofing company dedicated to serving you long-term. We’ll be there to properly complete your new roof from start to finish, and we’ll be there for you, year-after-year. If there’s ever a leak, we’ll be there for you, and when you need routine maintenance, we’ll be there for you as well.

Why is CRS the Better Value?

Although a commercial roof is a substantial investment, a high-quality installation provides essential protection to your building and everyone who occupies it. The only accurate way to look at the real cost of a roof is by looking at total costs throughout its entire lifespan. Don’t accept a cut-rate bid from a contractor who might send inexperienced subs to your site. A poorly installed roof may look good at first, but the problems that develop later will prove costly.

The right alternative is CRS, where you can count on experienced employees working under the close supervision of our Vice President of Operations.

How CRS Can Work for You?

Since the 1970s, we’ve been solving commercial roofing challenges for building owners, developers and property managers. Your project stands on solid ground when you can tell your investors that you’ve hired a highly capable roofing contractor like CRS.

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