5 Reasons Why Commercial Roof Inspections Are Necessary

According to a report by an industry consulting firm, the U.S. commercial roofing market generates $5 billion in revenue every year. Much of this market is driven by new construction and roof replacements, which occur when roofs naturally age. Unfortunately, some of that revenue is generated by avoidable expenses incurred when roofing is not properly inspected, maintained and repaired on a regular basis.

The Case for Periodic Roof Inspections

Severe storms, substandard designs and improper installation are among the perils that may put your roof at risk. As a result, periodic roof inspections, often in the Spring and Fall, are often more than worth the effort. Here are five reasons why commercial roof inspections are necessary.

1. Avoid Budget-Busting Roof Failures

Although early-stage repairs are manageable, catastrophic roof failures are not. Also, periodic roof inspections are cost-effective, while business disruptions and litigation are not.

Take a moment to imagine the path of a water droplet that finds its way through a tiny opening and into the sub-roofing. When venting is sufficient, that moisture may evaporate before any real damage occurs.

However, trapped moisture can corrode fasteners or steel decking and reduce the R-value of insulation. Skylights that are not properly sealed are another common source of moisture intrusion. Prompt repairs extend a roof’s life cycle and they may minimize these issues and the associated repair costs.

When roofs deteriorate, roof lift-offs – typically known as “blow-offs” – in the high winds generated by severe thunderstorms, tropical systems and blizzards are a legitimate threat. In a New York Times article, a meteorologist says winds are higher above a 30- to 100-ft “friction layer” of air close to the surface. This means that the roofs of many multi-story buildings endure higher winds than at the surface.

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2. Enjoy a Safe and Healthy Building

When inspections are delayed and undetected leaks develop, expensive repairs may result. In a worst case scenario, gravity pulls moisture down into the wood framing and drywall deep inside the building. There, mold or mildew may invade a structure to the point that the health of occupants is at risk. Once mold occurs, the roofing costs for your business soar. Mold remediation could even close down a business for days at a time. Not only mold, but there is a possibility of electrical shorts when moisture works its way from a leaky roof to the building’s interior.

Standing water may also impact health and safety. Ponding water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Excessive standing water can add weight to the roof system, stressing it to the point that seams open up or new gaps appear.

3. Comply with Codes and Regulations

Local governments have long recognized that a commercial roof is a “first line of defense” against the onslaught of high winds, torrential rains, ice storms, heavy snow and blistering heat – all common weather extremes in the Tri-state region.

Every time roofs are blown off or roof systems collapse, local officials become more keenly aware of the need to enforce local codes and ordinances. A commercial roof inspection followed by prompt repairs helps to ensure that you remain compliant with local and state regulations.

Finally, as New Jersey state regulations illustrate, permits are required for certain types of roof repairs. Certified commercial roofing contractors know when permitting is required.

4. Get Guidance from Trained Professionals

In this part of the country, weather affects your roof systems regardless of the season. In the winter, built up snow/ice combined with endless freeze-thaw cycles may allow moisture to exploit even minor imperfections in an aging or damaged roof system.

In the summer, surface temperatures approaching 180 degrees can make flashings and caulking brittle enough to crack, allowing moisture intrusion. Endless expansion and contraction can eventually open up seams in an aging EPDM roof.

Since trial-and-error roofing solutions are costly and time-consuming, complex commercial roofing systems require expert diagnosis of problems. Certified, highly trained professionals are in a far better position to propose cost-effective roofing solutions which offer long-term peace of mind.

A study of the roof systems at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh suggests that a 30-year service life offered the best balance between long-term repair and replacement costs. Twice-a-year roof inspections help you prolong the life of your roof so you can better balance the cost of repairs with those associated with an eventual roof replacement.

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5. Maintain your Warranty

Enjoy the long-term peace-of-mind that warranties provide protection with regularly scheduled inspections.

Other single-ply membrane roofs come with generous manufacturer warranties as well. It is important to have the roof inspected on a regular basis. If an inspector detects a problem covered by the warranty, the claim can be processed without delay.

Schedule an Inspection Today

CRS has highly-trained, certified roof inspectors ready to diagnose your commercial roofing issues. We provide a detailed report following each inspection so you can make informed decisions about repairs. With a commercial roof inspection every six months, you no longer have to wonder about the condition and integrity of your roof.

Since 1977, we have served businesses from NJ to PA and CT. We are a true full-service roofing contractor offering everything from minor repairs to complete roof replacements.

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