Commercial Roof Removal

Invest in a long term solution.

CRS Is Best In Class

CRS compares very favorably to local roofing contractors in Bergen County and out-of-state roofing companies. We take pride in our special combination of value, highest quality installations and caring customer service.

If your aging roof is in need of replacement, look to CRS. Older roofs present more than a leak hazard. For example, deteriorating materials may be subject to catastrophic wind damage. Trapped moisture may lead to mold growth. If ignored, extensive water damage to the sub-roofing and framing may require costly repairs.

The CRS Difference

What makes CRS Different? The simple answer is knowledge and experience. For decades, we’ve tackled major commercial roofing projects in NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH and beyond.

When you need a commercial roof replacement, we send crews of our own highly trained, certified mechanics working under the supervision of our Vice President of Operations.

Many modern commercial roof replacements feature single-ply membranes fabricated from water, chemical and UV-resistant PVC, EPDM or TPO material. Highly reflective white or light-colored designs can even reduce energy expenses. CRS is certified to install these modern roofs from leading manufacturers like Duro-Last, Carlisle, and ERC.

Why is CRS the Better Value?

CRS understands that unique structures often require customized roofing solutions. After more than 40 years in the business, our team has seen virtually every kind of commercial roofing problem. If your current roof has not performed well, our design team will find a solution that ensures that your new roof performs to spec.

As a certified roofing contractor for industry leaders, CRS is well-positioned to offer some of the best warranties in the business. Top-notch warranties can protect your bottom line from surprise expenses, year after year.

How CRS Can Work for You

Every commercial property stakeholder, from investors to developers, and from building owners to property managers, know that a high-quality, long-lasting commercial roof replacement requires a crew of industry pros installing superior roofing materials. Everything must be first-rate, from underlayment to fasteners, and from membranes to flashing.

Building owners often discover that CRS can save them the expense of removing old roofing materials. In the right situations, CRS installs tough new single-ply membranes right over the existing roofing in a way that is fully code-compliant. To learn more, inquire about a wind-vented roof system, which may make these savings possible for your business.

How to Know When You Need a Roof Replacement

An aging roof may require repairs of increasing frequency and severity.

  • A roof removal is often necessary when:
  • Updated building codes make it impossible to cover over an older commercial roof.
  • Core cuts reveal that more extreme amounts of moisture have invaded the insulation and/or roof deck or have become trapped between layers of roofing. Trapped moisture can lead to mold growth, wood and steel deck deterioration, as well as other serious problems. Moisture also reduces the R-value of insulation.
  • The roof is vulnerable to wind damage because of the use of older mechanical fastening systems.
  • The underlying steel or wood roof deck has deteriorated. For example, older phenolic foam insulation may generate sulfonic acid that corrodes a steel deck. Or, long-term leaks have led to roof deck deterioration.

Energy bills are also a consideration. An older black EPDM or asphalt roof often drives up cooling costs compared to white thermoplastic roof systems, including PVC, TPO and White roof coatings. These highly reflective, white single-ply membranes reduce utility bills by bouncing more sunlight back into the atmosphere.

The CRS Process for Commercial Roof Replacement

CRS offers commercial roof removals to companies and property owners in New Jersey, the Allentown/Bethlehem area of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our commercial roof removals include EPDM rubber, white single-ply PVC or TPO membrane, white roof coating systems and others.

We’ll carefully go over your roof removal options with you so you can determine which new roof will give you the look, durability and energy efficiency you’re looking for. Due to the size and complexity of commercial roofs, commercial roof removals often take several weeks or more to design, fabricate and complete.

However, we work closely with the tenant so as to cause as little inconvenience as possible. When our experienced employees arrive, they’ll work to keep the work site neat and organized. Debris is promptly removed in our own containers that we have on-site.

How To Know When You Need A Commercial Re-Roof

Flat roofs are often susceptible to ponding water, which increases the possibility of leaks. Over time, various roofing materials may lose flexibility, leading to cracking and leaks. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles may eventually open up seams or create leaks around penetrations. Finally, those with EPDM roofs may find that membrane shrinkage causes it to pull away from the roof perimeter and penetrations, allowing water to penetrate the roof.

The CRS Process for Commercial Re-Roofs

Sometimes, it is possible to install a new roof system over an existing roof rather than doing an entire commercial roof removal. Re-roofing is particularly helpful if you have a tar and gravel or modified bitumen roof, because these materials are costly to remove, and are filling our landfills. To determine if this cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution is possible, we’ll look at current local code requirements, and we’ll conduct core cuts to ensure that existing moisture within the roof system is manageable.

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