Complete Roof Systems Business Continuity

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Complete Roof Systems recognizes that we provide an essential service in ensuring our clients’ buildings and homes remain dry and inhabitable. During these troubled times, we will not waiver from our responsibility to help fellow businesses and homeowners in need. We will continue to work and serve you should any roofing emergency arise. From interim roof repairs to entire roof replacements, you can continue to count on CRS.

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented rigorous precautionary measures and adjusted our operations to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and valued clients.

We are:

  • Adhering to social distancing recommendations as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities.
  • Ensuring that employees who are displaying any cold or flu-like symptoms are staying home and practicing self-isolation procedures.
  • Keeping our staff equipped with hygiene kits to facilitate hygiene best practices as it pertains to the current pandemic.
  • Implementing practical worksite procedures to cut down on the interface and interaction between our own staff and the staff of the sites where we work.
  • Continually reviewing the effectiveness of our business COVID-19 plan and will adjust these measures as needed.

We wish to assure you that we remain at your service for all flat, low-slope and steep-slope needs.

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Here’s Why Roof Snow Removal Could Save Your House

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For many NJ residents, their home is the largest single investment. Homeowners do everything they can to protect their investment. They guard against risks that could put a home in jeopardy. They invest in high-quality roofing, siding and other materials that help to resist high winds and heavy precipitation.

In the winter, there’s often snow and ice to contend with. Nor’easters sometimes bury northern New Jersey homes under feet of snow. Winds may whip the snow into drifts many feet deep, even on rooftops. Sometimes, this snow is very wet and heavy. Subsequent rainstorms may saturate the snow to make it even heavier. 

In some situations, snow may stress residential roofs to the point of collapse. An AccuWeather post sums it up well, “Heavy snow can pose a serious risk to roofs and cause some to collapse, creating dangerous conditions.” These dangerous conditions call for roof snow removal to be performed by a professional. 

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How to Remove Snow From Your Roof This Winter

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The question of how to remove snow from a roof is one homeowners ask almost every winter. Throughout history, there have been many wives’ tales and interesting techniques created to attempt to remove snow from a roof. In fact, one even suggests using a rope to lasso snow off the roof. Unfortunately, this rather creative technique works mostly with fluffy snow. That is, the kind found in the Great Lakes snow belts or high in the mountains.

When it comes down to it, and especially when the safety of yourself and your home is concerned, professional snow removal truly is the best option. 

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how much snow can a roof hold

How To Know How Much Snow a Roof Can Hold Before It’s Too Late

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New Jersey roofs are designed to withstand the elements. They need to be strong enough to survive, year after year. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, high winds and other extreme events routinely assault residential roofs. In the winter, nor’easters sometimes dump massive amounts of heavy, wet snow on area rooftops. Proper protection of the home and its occupants is at stake.

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Your Insurance Roof Replacement Questions Answered

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When high winds, hail or fire damage your roof, it’s time to act without delay. Unfortunately, this may lead to hasty decisions that can prove costly. The key is to do two things right away. First, call your agent. Second, get a reputable roofing contractor involved. 

At first, most homeowners think about a couple of key insurance roof replacement questions. They want to know whether the damage is covered by their homeowner’s policy. They also want to know what policy provisions come into play. It’s important to establish whether it makes sense to file a claim.

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