Roof Maintenance Program

Avoid Expensive Repairs with Regular Preventative Maintenance.

CRS Is Best In Class

When you need commercial roof maintenance, it’s better to work with a highly experienced contractor factory-certified by multiple major commercial roofing manufacturers including Duro-Last, Carlisle and ERC.

CRS is a major roofing contractor serving commercial customers in the Tristate area, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We demonstrate our long-term commitment to our valued clientele throughout the region by offering a commercial roof maintenance program. Customers know they can trust us to be there when they need roof maintenance and repairs.

The CRS Difference:

Whether you need emergency commercial roof maintenance or routine seasonal maintenance, CRS is ready to deploy the experienced people needed to professionally complete the job.

It is important to routinely inspect and maintain your roof to keep your warranty in force. Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance detect moisture intrusion from leaks that compromise insulation, rot wood, corrode metal, or cause mold growth. It’s also important to regularly inspect flashing or fasteners that may have come loose and to check caulk and sealants around roof penetrations for signs of shrinking or cracking. If you have a single-ply membrane roof, periodic seam inspections are vital. Cleaning and stripping in the seams may add years to the life of your membrane roof.

Expert spring and fall maintenance is ideal because it detects possible damage from winter snowstorms in the spring and possible damage from summer thunderstorms in the fall.

Why is CRS the Better Value?

Not all commercial roofing contractors offer structured maintenance programs that make life easier for busy property managers and building owners. At CRS, we ensure that your roof investment is protected with regular maintenance and certified inspections.

Some contractors, particularly those headquartered far away, like to focus on full roof installations. The problem is, building owners and property managers need a roofing company they can also count on for everything from emergency repairs to routine maintenance.

With CRS, you get the whole package, from expert, customized roofing solutions to periodic inspections. There is no better way to get the most out of your commercial roof investment than to have experts check on it every year.

How CRS Can Work For You?

If you are a building owner, you want your investors to know that your roof is in good hands for the long-term. If you are a property manager, you want scheduled roof maintenance that automatically occurs. With a CRS maintenance program, you have one less detail to cope with.

Many kinds of debris collect on a flat commercial roof. Falling branches, dirt, gravel, leaves and more can interfere with drainage, leading to ponding water and damage to the membrane. When sections of the roof remain wet for extended periods, leaks are more likely to develop. Therefore, it is important that crews clean away debris on a regular basis.

Problems with flashings cause concern as well. Fasteners holding these counter flashings and termination bars in place may loosen, or caulk may shrink and crack. Regular maintenance ensures that all flashings will perform as designed.

Over time, regular expansion and contraction of roof membranes may stress seams to the point of failure. Therefore, a property owner with an aging roof may have CRS clean and strip in all the seams to extend its life. Seam restoration is often a cost-effective remedy that may delay a roof replacement for a number of years.

To address these different causes of roofing problems, CRS employs expert roofing inspectors to assess your roof and recommend customized solutions that address your needs.

Our Expert Technicians Help Along The Way

Our expert technicians know how to identify even subtle signs of roof damage, whether it is part of an annual inspection or after a severe storm. They’ll look for evidence of leaks, punctures, corroded fasteners, open seams, loose flashings and much more. Timely inspections promote early repairs that often limit the need for much more expensive roofing services later on. Regularly scheduled inspections protect your real estate investment, plain and simple.


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