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Receive Reliable Commercial Roof Inspections.

CRS Is Best In Class

At CRS, we take pride in offering our customers reliable commercial roofing inspections. Very few roofing companies have the combination of knowledge, experience, custom design ability and factory certifications that CRS offers.

Since 1977, we’ve crafted custom solutions to roofing issues common to this part of the country, from New Jersey to New Hampshire, including Connecticut, Massachusetts and the Allentown/Bethlehem region of eastern Pennsylvania. These custom roofing solutions always begin with a thorough review of existing roofing by a certified inspector.

The CRS Difference

Our certified commercial roof inspectors are experts with years of experience diagnosing and detecting every kind of roof issue imaginable.

When you request a roof inspection, we believe you deserve prompt service. Therefore, our goal is to perform a comprehensive commercial roofing inspection within just one or two days of receipt of your request. Prompt follow-up is also critical. We will present you with a full report and a detailed proposal in a week or less.

CRS is a true full-service roofing contractor. For example, we can conduct professional thermal moisture scans to isolate the sources of moisture getting into your roof. Thermal imaging works for moisture detection because wet areas heat up and cool down faster than dry areas. Temperature differences alert technicians to the location and extent of moisture intrusion. Thermal imaging scans identify leaks and they illustrate how far moisture from those leaks has spread. Undetected leaks can weaken a building’s substrate and cause damage to its structure. Trapped moisture may lead to mold growth. Once mold takes over, remediation experts are needed to resolve the problem. This could even lead to an interruption in business operations. Severe storms may exploit the weakness of corroded fasteners, destroying whole sections of the roof.

We also have the experience to perform inspections and service work for customers with rooftop solar installations. In New Jersey specifically, solar demand is driven by commercial electricity rates that are much higher than national averages. It’s important that your roofer has the experience to deal with roofing services when solar panels are present. CRS has an edge over competitors who don’t fully understand the interaction between rooftop solar and commercial roofing.

Why is CRS the Better Value?

At CRS, we combine expert inspections with customized roofing solutions. We recognize that no two commercial roofs are alike. Our experience, combined with a thorough knowledge of the latest in roofing products, leads to a custom solution that’s perfect for your building and your budget.

By contrast, an inspection by a less experienced individual may prove costly. There is simply no substitute for experience, in part because many commercial roof problems are subtle and hard to detect. There are many things to look for, including punctures, open seams, corroded fasteners, brittle membranes and loose flashing.

How CRS Can Work for You?

Savvy building owners and investors in the tri-state area and beyond understand that annual or semi-annual inspections by a highly qualified professional help to protect a real estate investment.

When it comes to commercial roof inspections, maintenance and repairs, building owners and property managers like to have an ongoing relationship with a highly-experienced contractor who will respond without delay. At CRS, we’ve been conducting certified inspections for more than four decades. When you need us, we’ll be there.


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