cRS Gives Back

Volunteer Initiatives

CRS strives to give back to the local community whenever possible. CRS is proud to work together with local businesses to further benefit the community.
CRS Volunteers in front of new roof

In April 2019, CRS partnered with Backpacks for Life, a nonprofit organization bridging the gap between veterans and necessary resources to create the Veteran Roofing Giveback Program. CRS plans to donate a new roof to one veteran every year, with Owens Corning providing the roofing materials and CRS supplying the labor.

In collaboration with Backpacks for Life, CRS was able to provide a new roof to the wife of a recently passed Vietnam veteran and recepient of a Purple Heart.

Dean Logan CRS President Backpacks for Life

CRS is a proud supporter of the Backpacks for Life annual golf outing. We sponsor a tee box, as well as purchasing several foursomes to play in the event each year. 

CRS sltf givesback

CRS is a proud supporter of the Spring Lake Toys Foundation, providing financial assistance to families faced with covering the costs of life-saving treatments and medical-related expenses not covered by insurance as well as dealing with the day-to-day challenges that come with these debilitating illnesses.

In addition to supporting the organization, Dean and Gina both serve on the Board of Advisors.

FranklinLakes LoganFamilyIssue mockup

Featured in Franklin Lakes Magazine

Highlighted in the August 2023 edition of Franklin Lakes Magazine, the Logan family stands out for their commitment to community service and gratitude. CRS, was recently recognized for its excellence in installing GAF Timberline solar shingles, contributing significantly to the growing shift towards solar energy. Dean and Gina, the owners, embody a life dedicated to giving back. Gina, has a diverse professional background, co-manages CRS and devotes substantial time to charitable causes, particularly those benefiting children.

The Logan family actively participates in community initiatives such as the Veteran Roofing Giveback Program and the Spring Lake Toys Foundation. This spirit of philanthropy extends to their children, Kristi and Dean Jr. With a reputation for generosity and a love for animals, the Logan family serves as a true embodiment of a life lived with gratitude and compassion.