A Guide to Window Installation for Your NJ Home

Window installation for your NJ home need not be a hassle. Take a step-by-step approach whether you need one window or many.

First, decide what window frame material you prefer. Vinyl, wood and fiberglass are popular choices. Second, choose the best window style for your needs. You might stick with the style you’re replacing, or you might switch to one that matches up well with your personal tastes.

Third, decide how energy-efficient you want it to be. The temperature extremes in the Tri-state area make Energy Star-rated windows a wise choice. They reduce energy use and limit the damaging effects of the sun’s UV radiation. Finally, you’ll want to find a local, reputable home improvement contractor you can trust. A contractor factory-certified by a leading building products manufacturer is a wise choice.

When you replace your windows, you can stick with the same style, or you can choose a different look. Single hung and double hung windows are popular. So are casement, bow, bay, slider, hopper, awning and garden windows.

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Best Types of Windows

Before you proceed with window installation in NJ, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the options available to you. Vinyl, wood and fiberglass windows are all popular in the Tri-state area.


Many Bergen County homeowners select vinyl windows. Of the millions of windows manufactured in the U.S. every year, about 70 percent are vinyl. The term “vinyl” is actually short for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a substance that holds up well in very hot and cold weather. Vinyl windows are affordable, durable and almost maintenance-free. They do not rot, rust or corrode. Vinyl windows are also extremely scratch-resistant. They also resist dents, insects and mold.

Since vinyl windows are so popular, they come in a vast array of styles, colors and profiles. It is also possible to customize vinyl windows for an exact fit in existing window openings.


Some interior and exterior architectural styles simply look best with wood window frames. If you are replacing some, but not all of the windows in your historic home, you’ll want to match the existing wood frames. Fortunately, today’s real wood frames are engineered to resist intrusion by moisture or insects.

Select from pre-finished or raw wood designs. Unfinished wood windows allow a homeowner to be very exacting about the color of stain or paint.

Painted wood window frames are also quite versatile. Should you decide on an entirely different color scheme at a later date, it is simple to simply re-paint them. While you can re-paint your wood frames to blend with your updated decor, you cannot do this with vinyl window frames. It is possible to customize wood-framed windows to fit openings with unique sizes and shapes.


Fiberglass window frames combine some of the advantages of vinyl and wood. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass is paintable. Unlike wood, it will not absorb moisture.

The service life of fiberglass is as long or longer than any window frame material – up to 80 years, according to some tests. The superior strength of fiberglass also allows for narrower frame profiles. Its strength also makes it an excellent choice when you’re replacing very large windows. Due to the nature of the fabrication process, fiberglass frame styles are somewhat more limited than wood or vinyl.

If you are looking for a highly sustainable product, consider fiberglass window frames. Fiberglass is fabricated from silica, one of the most abundant materials on the planet.

High-quality vinyl, wood and fiberglass windows are all resistant to expansion and contraction as temperature and humidity changes. This means modern window replacements resist sticking.

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Benefits of Energy Star-certified Windows

Energy Star-certified windows feature low U-values, numbers that measure potential energy savings. You can trust in Energy Star-rated windows because they are certified to perform as labeled.

Think of Energy Star-certified windows as “sunscreen” for your home. Special low-emissivity coatings reduce fading by as much as 75 percent. Protect valuable photographs, drapes, wood floors, carpet and furniture from UV damage. These coatings filter out UV rays while still allowing visible light into your home.

In northern NJ, save an average of $134/yr when replacing clear double-pane windows with Energy Star-rated windows. Save an average of $366/yr when replacing clear single-pane windows. According to the Energy Star website, window replacements certified by the Energy Star program reduce CO2 emissions by 246 to 2001 pounds per year.

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Use a Certified Contractor

When you need window installation in NJ, invite a certified contractor to come to your home to make a recommendation. A certified contractor is one that meets the stringent requirements of leading manufacturers. When you work with such a contractor, you’re working with a company the manufacturer trusts.

About CRS

CRS was founded in Bergen County, NJ, more than four decades ago. Since then, we’ve proudly served thousands of northern NJ homeowners. Trust CRS with your window installation in NJ. We’ll replace one window or many. We specialize in Energy Star-certified windows with U-Values of 0.27 or less.

CRS is a full-service contractor providing roofing, siding, window and power washing services. We are factory-certified by leading manufacturers like OwensCorning and GAF.

We’d welcome the opportunity to earn your business. Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your needs.

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