Why Choose Vinyl Windows for My NJ Home?

Homeowners in northern New Jersey choose from many types of replacement windows. Wood, fiberglass and aluminum frames remain popular. However, area homeowners select vinyl windows most often. Today, an estimated 70 percent of the windows manufactured in the United States are vinyl windows.

Questions to Ask Before You Choose Vinyl Windows

why choose vinyl windows for my nj home

Before you decide on NJ vinyl windows, you’ll want to be thoroughly acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that vinyl windows are time-tested and have been around for more than 50 years. Here are some key questions to ask.

Are vinyl windows affordable?

Vinyl windows are affordable. In fact, they are typically the most economical option in the market. This is particularly true when you factor in the long-term maintenance savings. How economical? Vinyl windows can cost half of what wood windows cost. And, they cost about 10-30 percent less than fiberglass windows.

Are vinyl windows energy efficient?

Everyone looks for ways to reduce their utility bills. Vinyl windows deliver an excellent balance between cost and insulating value. The PVC used in vinyl window frames is a good insulator. The use of double pane or triple pane glass further increases insulating capacity. Low-E glass and argon gas also improve U-values.

U-value measures the rate of heat loss. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC) measures the amount of solar radiation transmitted through a window. Every year, the Energy Star program recognizes “the most efficient among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR program.” Check out the most highly rated windows along with their U-Values and SHGC numbers.

An investment in Energy Star-rated windows reduces utility bills year after year. For example, a modest $100 annual savings amounts to $2,000 over 20 years. Keep in mind that these savings increase as electricity rates go up. According to EIA data, New Jersey residential electricity already costs an average of 15.95 cents/kWh. This cost is higher than in 40 of the 50 states.

What kind of maintenance do vinyl windows require?

Vinyl windows need very little maintenance. Unlike wood and metal window frames, they will not rot, warp, rust, corrode, pit or chip. Traditional wood window frames may get scratched. NJ vinyl windows are scratch-resistant. Also, vinyl windows are not painted or otherwise coated. Since the color is molded right into the vinyl, minor defects are not very noticeable. It’s possible to simply use steel wool or emery cloth to remove minor scuffs and scratches. You won’t ever need to re-paint them. All you need to do is to clean them from time to time with soap and water.

Will vinyl windows be available in the style and shape I need?

The answer is almost certainly, “Yes!” You’ll find single slider, single casement and single hung styles. You’ll also be able to order double slider, double hung and double casement styles. Bow, bay, awning, slider, hopper, garden, half-moon and octagon windows are available as well. Since vinyl windows are so popular, manufacturers find it cost-effective to produce them in many styles and profiles.

Is it possible to customize vinyl windows?

Do you have windows with irregular shapes? Are any of your windows unusual sizes? No problem! It is possible to custom-fabricate almost any size and shape you’ll need. The look of the hardware is also more versatile than you might imagine. It’s simple to match handles and other hardware to your decor. Choose from an almost endless array of colors.

How committed am I to the color of my window frames?

Some frame materials, like wood and fiberglass, make it easy to change color in the future. Re-paint them to match a new color scheme. This is not possible with vinyl windows. The color you start with is the color you’ll hopefully enjoy for years to come. If you want to play it safe, select a neutral color works well with many different color schemes.

Are vinyl windows safe and secure?

When privacy is important, select tinted vinyl windows. It’s possible to outfit NJ vinyl windows with double-strength glass. This reduces the possibility of accidental breakage. Also, there are special warranties that cover accidental breakage for life.

Trust a Certified Contractor

why choose vinyl windows for my nj home

Selecting the windows you prefer is one important step. Selecting a home improvement contractor you can trust is another. It is best to invite a certified contractor to your home to make recommendations. A factory-certified contractor must meet stringent requirements established by a building materials manufacturer. When you work with a certified contractor, you’re working with one that the manufacturers themselves trust.

After they consider all the important factors, many homeowners choose NJ vinyl windows. As long as they fit the look of your home, they deliver unbeatable value, durability and insulating value. And, they are almost maintenance-free.

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