How Much Does a Roof Replacement in NJ Cost?

There are both upfront and long-term costs to consider when investing in a commercial roof replacement in NJ. The quality of a roof system and its installation may impact long-term costs because substandard materials or installation may lead to a premature round of roof repairs in the years to come.

Common Roof Systems

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When containing upfront costs is a goal, consider one of the more economical roof systems, like a traditional built-up (BUR) tar-and-gravel roof.

At the same time, a single-ply TPO, PVC or EPDM roof is selected by the majority of commercial clients once all costs and performance factors are considered. TPO roofs account for about four in 10 of all new commercial roof installations nationwide. Always consider the expected life expectancy of a new roof when calculating costs. Some roof systems may last a decade, while others may last 30 years or more.

Factors Influencing Roof Replacement Costs

In addition to the basic cost of labor and materials, there are a variety of other factors that may influence the overall cost of a roof replacement in NJ.

Roof complexity and logistics

A roof with numerous roof penetrations like vents, skylights, HVAC curbs, exhaust fans and roof drains will require more time-consuming detail work. Installation logistics may also be a factor. For example, a roof installation on a single-story warehouse in an industrial park is often simpler than putting a new roof on a 15-story office building in the heart of the city.

Size of the roof

The bigger your roof, the more the quality of materials impacts cost. Given the fact that commercial roofs often cover tens of thousands of square feet, replacements are inherently material-intensive.

Repairs prior to a roof replacement

The cost of prep work can vary from one project to another. If your current roof deck and sub-structure are in good shape, it takes less time and expense to prepare your building for a roof replacement in NJ. In another scenario, however, persistent leaks may have damaged the roof deck or even the framing. Needed repairs may add to your cost.

Unfortunately, a roofer that didn’t detect all roof damage early on might try to apply new roofing right over spongy, rusted, rotting or otherwise deteriorated materials. As a result, you could face a costly, premature roof failure.

Necessary Tear-offs

If the roof deck and framing are in decent shape, it may be possible to install a new roof system right over it. Note that local codes often allow the installation of a roof replacement in NJ over an existing roof, but not over multiple old roofing systems. However, this approach is not possible when your existing roof system is too unstable or moisture-laden, which may lead to a tear off.

Quality of materials

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Another problem arises if a roofer reduces costs by using materials not up to the task of properly protecting a New Jersey structure. Therefore, seek out a roofing contractor that is certified to install roofing systems fabricated by one of the more established manufacturers, like Carlisle or Duro-Last.

The quality of both materials and installation matters. Consider wind uplift in an area where hurricane-force gusts are possible. Consider potential cracking, blistering or shrinking of material not up to protecting your investment in triple-digit heat and sub-zero cold. Finally, consider the weight of heavy snow/ice or the impact of hail.

Designing a roof system to code

Over time, local building codes tend to get more stringent. Therefore, simply replacing your current roof with the same design may no longer be up to code. A reputable contractor will always design a new commercial roof system to code. On the other hand, a contractor that cuts corners might try to install a cheaper roof that is not code-compliant.

Finally, as you perform your due diligence while comparing roofers, you may find that quotes vary a great deal. There’s often a lot of discrepancy in the business, so do carefully research contractors until you feel comfortable with your decision.

Materials, labor and debris removal

When a complete tear-off is needed, debris disposal costs can escalate. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid the expense associated with hauling tons of old roofing to a landfill. Find out if a new single-ply membrane roof system can be safely applied over the old one.

Experience of roofing crews

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At CRS, we only send our own employees out to install commercial roof systems, and the work is performed under the close supervision of management. It takes discipline and pride in one’s work to meticulously attend to every detail during installation.

Since some contractors make it a little tricky to figure out what your final commercial roof repair/replacement costs will actually be, always insist on full price transparency. For example, at CRS, we keep it simple and straightforward. We carefully calculate the cost of all materials, labor and debris disposal costs and put together a customized proposal with the total cost.

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