How To Find the Best Roofing Contractors in NJ

Since your building might go years without needing a new roof, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed when the time comes. You might ask, “Where do I start?”

Seeking Referrals

The reality is that top-quality roofing contractors in NJ get much of their work like successful businesses always have — through word-of-mouth and referrals.

Experiences of Others

To find the best local roofing contractor in Bergen County, NJ, start by asking people you know about their roofing experiences. If you notice a roofing crew doing work at a nearby business, stop by later and ask the owner or property manager about the experience.

When you talk to those who have worked with roofing contractors in NJ, find out if their projects went smoothly. Ask them whether the projects were completed promptly. Find out if their roofers clearly communicated with them before and during the process. Finally, inquire whether they were pleased with the overall work and the cost.

Sometimes, friends and relatives also have recommendations about roofers that do both residential and commercial work. Although some contractors only do residential roofing work, some well-established roofers have both residential and commercial roofing expertise.

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Associations and Organizations

Consider contacting those you have business relationships with. You can also speak with fellow members of local civic and business organizations.

For example, at Chamber of Commerce meetings, members network with other local business owners. Architects, real estate developers and property managers often maintain memberships in civic organizations, and they may be familiar with local commercial roofing contractors.

Architectural and engineering firms with an emphasis on commercial projects may also be a source of referrals and recommendations. Firms that collaborate with commercial roofers on new construction may be a source of valuable information when you need a roof replacement.

If you are in any trade associations with members in the area, reach out to them. Successful, reputable roofing contractors in NJ also welcome the opportunity to provide references. Top roofing contractors in the area may have certifications and awards that are indicative of their success.

Using Online Information

Local online B2B portals typically list commercial roofing contractors, particularly those with a local focus. Online reviews are another valuable source of information, and the internet provides other opportunities to compare commercial roofers.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Look for testimonials on contractor and roofing manufacturer websites. An established contractor often highlights case studies involving some of their commercial projects.

If you’re fortunate enough to see a case study featuring a roof similar to yours, you might get a sense of what your roofing project might entail. You might also learn about new energy-saving materials that were not available when your roof was replaced in the past.

Social Media Posts

A roofing contractor’s Twitter feed or Facebook page often highlights recent roofing projects. A contractor active in commercial roofing typically features some of those jobs on one or more of their social media sites.

Established roofing contractors in NJ often look for creative ways to get the word out about their services, including the advertising you see right on their trucks. If you see a roofing truck at a job site, it doesn’t hurt to note the roofer’s web address and phone number. If an opportunity arises to speak with a member of the crew, take advantage of it.

Top Systems and Authorized Contractors

In commercial roofing, materials and workmanship are very important. This is particularly true in parts of the country with weather extremes, like the Tri-state region. As you identify potential options for your roofing project, ask questions about the materials roofers use.

Typically, reputable local roofers are upfront about which roofing systems they use and why. As you explore your options, you’ll get a sense of which roofing contractors in NJ use the best materials.

Each manufacturer of high-quality commercial roofing systems has something special to offer. For example, Duro-Last fabricates custom roof systems to order, eliminating up to 85 percent of seam welds ordinarily performed on-site.

ERC excels in the fabrication of wind-vented commercial roof systems. Pennsylvania-based Carlisle offers quality TPO, Fleeceback TPO, EPDM and PVC options, along with energy-saving Polyiso rigid insulation.

Keep in mind that top roofing manufacturers only authorize qualified contractors to install their commercial roof systems. A company like Duro-Last can offer some of the best warranties in the business in part because it trusts its authorized installers to do the job right.

As you compare contractors, consider that those who are relatively unclear about materials might want to distract from the use of lesser materials with potentially more restrictive warranties.

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Contact Us for Assistance

When you want to compare roofing contractors in NJ, look to CRS, a commercial roofer contractor serving Bergen County NJ, CT and PA since 1977. We specialize in designing truly customized roof systems that maximize performance, value and longevity. Allow us the opportunity to successfully resolve your past roofing issues once and for all.

CRS is a true full-service contractor providing comprehensive commercial roofing services, including complimentary inspections, emergency repairs, service work and modern energy-saving roofing systems. To arrange for a free consultation, please contact us today.

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