Everything You Need to Know About Faulty Roof Repair in NJ

Having a roof that properly protects your home, family and possessions is of the utmost importance. However, what happens if you invest in a roof repair only to experience problems way too soon thereafter?Ideally, the contractor that did the work will come to your home and arrange to make it right. Sometimes, however, roofers do not own up to faulty repairs in NJ. Instead, they may blame other things for the problem.

If you find yourself wondering what your roofer is not telling you, reach out to a certified roof inspector with another company to get another take on your roofing issue. When you suffer the unfortunate consequences of a faulty roof repair in NJ, you’ll want to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If neglected, roof problems have a way of spiraling out of control. Leaks may lead to rotting wood, soggy drywall, wet insulation and even mold.

What Your Contractor Should Do After Faulty Roof Repair

If you’ve experienced a faulty roof repair, there are a series of steps you’ll want a roofing contractor to take to efficiently resolve it, including diagnosing the problem, customizing a solution and completing an expert repair.

Diagnose the Problem

Although it’s often easy to detect the most obvious parts of a roof issue, it takes a highly experienced, certified roof inspector to analyze the true extent of the problem. For example, a leak resulting from the use of inferior roofing materials may require more than a single, localized repair.

A certified inspector may need to look in the attic and beyond to see just how far a leak may have migrated. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that some roof repairs go bad because of an underlying problem with the roof’s design.

Customize a Solution

Because every roof is different, it is important that the new repair reflect the unique characteristics of the roof. Sometimes, a faulty repair is the result of a roofer not fully understanding your roof problem in the first place.

You need a roofing contractor with the expertise and ability to make repairs in such a way that the problem does not appear yet again. The repair must be more than cosmetic – it must get to the heart of the problem.

Complete a Sensible, Expert Repair

faulty roof repair nj

The right repair features quality materials installed by an experienced, qualified crew. While you want all aspects of the problem resolved, you don’t want to pay for unnecessary work. Ultimately, a homeowner needs to trust a roofer to do a thorough job without going too far and doing work that is not needed.

Remain Available to the Homeowner

You’ll want to work with a certified roofing contractor that stands behind their work. Your long-term peace of mind is dependent on having a great relationship with a roofer you can trust. Should you have a roofing question a week from now or a year from now, it is reassuring to know that you can reach out to your roofer with confidence.

Working With a Contractor You Can Trust

Here are some tips for finding the kind of contractor you can trust. Once you’ve endured the hassle of a faulty roof repair in NJ, finding a trustworthy contractor becomes that much more important. Here are some qualities to look for.

Solid Reputation

A local, certified roofer with years of experience and a good reputation is easier to trust. Sometimes, friends, family or business associates may have had a good experience with a local roofing company, and they can refer you.

In the age of the internet, there are many places you can go to research a roofing contractor’s reputation, like Yelp and Google Reviews. You may also find testimonials on contractors’ or manufacturers’ websites.

Major Manufacturer Certification

Imagine sifting through more than 30 contractors to find just one. Through its Master Elite program, GAF has done the work for you, because it grants its Master Elite certification to fewer than 3 percent of America’s roofing contractors.

GAF also offers its best warranties to homeowners who use its Master Elite roofers. For NJ, PA and CT homeowners, it is reassuring to know that North America’s largest roofing manufacturer is headquartered close by in Parsippany, NJ.

One of the most stringent Master Elite requirements, set forth by GAF, is that third parties verify the contractor is adequately insured, properly licensed and committed to ongoing professional training.

Certified Roof Inspector

It’s important to get estimates from roofing companies with certified roof inspectors because analyzing faulty repairs in NJ requires real expertise. It is very important that the scope of the problem be properly understood. Finally, compare estimates and don’t get pressured into making a hasty commitment.

Proper Insurance

A reputable roofer won’t mind if you ask them to provide proof of adequate liability insurance. It is ideal for a roofing contractor to have more than the state’s minimum requirements. It is also vital that a roofer maintain a current workers compensation insurance policy. You don’t want to worry that an injury or accident on your property could involve you in some way.

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faulty roof repair nj

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