Where Are the Best Roofing Contractors in Bergen County NJ? How to Spot One

If you are like most Bergen County NJ homeowners, you want the best of everything — the best roof installed by the best contractor at the best price. To achieve your goal, you need to be able to spot the ideal roofing contractor for your needs.

Evaluating Roofing Contractors

The best roofing contractors in Bergen County NJ have many of these qualities in common. Use these standards to spot the roofer that is right for you.

The Business is Local

It is important for a homeowner to establish an ongoing relationship with a local roofing contractor. There’s peace of mind in knowing that your local roofer stands ready to assist should a leak appear, if storm damage leads to an insurance claim or if a warranty claim ever arises.

The Staff is Experienced

You’ll often have more confidence in a roofing contractor that has served your local community for many years. Also, a contractor with decades of experience often has a far greater understanding of the unique issues that may arise with unique architecture and different roof systems.

Not all northern New Jersey roofs are the same. An expert local contractor is better prepared to customize your roofing solution to improve long-term waterproofing, maximize energy savings and increase your roof’s lifespan.

They Use the Best Materials

roofing contractor bergen county nj

The best roofing contractors in Bergen County NJ tend to use the best roofing materials, including shingles, flashings, underlayment and other roof components. By contrast, contractors struggling to get enough business might put together low bids made possible by the use of lower quality products and/or less experienced crews.

It is counterproductive for everyone when a contractor cuts corners. A homeowner that anticipated a worry-free experience for years to come may suddenly face a new round of repairs.

Weather extremes in this part of the country can expose the inadequacy of substandard materials. Extreme heat and cold combine with repeated freeze-thaw cycles to stress roof systems. Shingles might crack, curl or lose too many granules too soon after installation.

They Go “by the Book”

Your local municipality’s building codes are carefully designed to maximize safety and to preserve property values. A roofing contractor that operates “by the book” honors those codes, offering homeowners real peace of mind.

It’s all too easy to take your roof for granted until something goes wrong. However, when a substandard installation covered by an inadequate warranty disrupts your life, the stakes are often very high.

Also, a roofer who uses the best materials and meticulously follows manufacturer installation requirements is also going “by the book.”

They Are Certified

All the top roofing manufacturers in America have contractor certification programs. For example, GAF has its Master Elite program.

GAF only certifies a relatively small percentage of roofing contractors that they can trust to perform proper installations of their products. This capability is important to roofing manufacturers who are responsible for long-term warranties.

They Offer the Best Warranties

Speaking of warranties, they are not all the same — not by a long shot. Some “standard warranties” are in force for only five or ten years. Also, standard manufacturer warranties typically cover materials but not the cost of labor.

This means that, someday, your roof could prove defective and you’d still be on the hook for hundreds or thousands in labor expenses.

That’s a key reason that top contractors often align themselves with a solid company like GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in the world, with a company history that dates back to the 19th century. The Gold Pledge and Silver Pledge warranties from GAF are among the best in the business.

For reference, a Gold Pledge warranty requires inspection by a GAF-certified contractor, and it is a longer warranty than Silver Pledge. Master Elite roofing contractors pay as much as $150 per customer to be able to offer these special roofing system warranties.

They Are Prompt

roofing contractor bergen county nj

Since a roof replacement involves a certain amount of noise and disruption, it is important to have the work done by a crew that is large enough and experienced enough to complete your project quickly and efficiently. The best roofing contractors in Bergen County NJ can complete most residential roof replacements in a single day.

Contact Us for Professional Assistance

At CRS, we are proud to have been designated as a Master Elite contractor by GAF, a company headquartered nearby in Parsippany, New Jersey. As a Master Elite contractor, CRS is in a position to offer the very best warranties in the business. If you want true peace of mind, seriously consider a GAF roof installed by CRS.

We’ve been serving homeowners in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas for more than four decades. Let us put our experience and professionalism to work for you. We’ll do the work up to code and consistent with the high standards set by the manufacturer.

Please contact us today to arrange for a complimentary residential roof inspection and evaluation. We’ll carefully review your options with you, and we’ll provide highly competitive quotes.

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CRS provides full-service roofing including residential roof repair and replacement services, siding installation and replacement, regular roof maintenance, solar shingle installation, and more to homeowners in northern New Jersey from Bergen County to Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. We are local, experienced, and factory-certified by trusted industry names like GAF and Owens Corning. The experienced team at CRS would welcome the opportunity to serve you with the same level of customer service we’ve provided to thousands of other New Jersey homeowners since 1977. We also offer commercial roofing services to the tri-state area and have been trusted by local business owners to keep their employees and businesses safe through all seasons. 



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