Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Matters

Many people may not immediately consider commercial roof maintenance an important aspect of their yearly upkeep, but an annual commercial roof maintenance program is imperative for any building owner. An annual commercial roofing inspection helps you protect a valuable business asset while potentially extending the service life of your roof. With a reliable commercial roof maintenance program, modern commercial roofing systems will last for many years.

Reasons for a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Since business owners and property managers have many day-to-day responsibilities, entering a commercial maintenance agreement with a reputable commercial roofing contractor who has the expertise to serve your needs makes great business sense.

A reputable roofer ensures that periodic scheduled inspections, maintenance and minor repairs will be handled. Regular commercial roof maintenance addresses a wide variety of issues common to NJ, including:

  • Punctures
  • Drainage and standing water
  • Seam failures
  • Loose flashing
  • Animal damage
  • Warranty requirements

Let’s take a closer look at these issues and how they can cause problems when routine commercial roofing inspections and maintenance are absent.


There’s no substitute for having trained roofing professionals inspecting your roof on a regularly scheduled basis. It is always possible that a branch or other falling object will puncture your roof membrane without your knowledge.

Prompt detection and repair of any punctures will resolve the matter before a leak causes serious damage. Given the potentially severe consequences of roof leaks, regularly scheduled inspections that catch problems before they become significant issues is reason enough to select a commercial roof maintenance program.

Drainage and Standing Water

A low-slope commercial roof doesn’t drain water or shed debris like a typical pitched residential roof. As stormwater flows to drains on a commercial flat roof, it often carries debris that may obstruct drainage.

Anything that impedes roof drainage can lead to standing water and the problems that follow, such as roof deterioration, mold and mildew, and insect infestations.

It is vital that regularly scheduled commercial roof maintenance periodically clears leaves, branches, dirt, garbage and anything else that could impede roof drainage. This maintenance keeps drains open and your roof in better condition.

Seam Failures

Although a properly welded seam will often last for the roof’s whole lifetime, failures can occur due to installation problems, membrane shrinkage and more. As the membrane expands and contracts due to temperature extremes, a weak seam may open up. Also, as a roof system ages, shrinkage of the membrane may open up seams, particularly along the perimeter.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the seams of your commercial roof allows for the prompt diagnosis and repair of problems should they arise.

Loose Flashing

An experienced commercial roofing contractor in New Jersey understands the weather extremes we experience and will take those into account when building your commercial roof. A properly designed and installed roofing system can withstand many years of winter weather without major damage. Still, heavy winds and wind-blown debris can damage or loosen flashing on your commercial roof.

In the winter, repeated freeze-thaw cycles also stress roofs. When water expands as it turns to ice, it can damage flashing in various ways, creating further issues if not resolved.

A thorough commercial roof maintenance program can identify issues with flashing before they become more costly repairs.

Animal Damage

Overhanging branches can provide access to your commercial roof to raccoons, squirrels, and other animals that can cause major damage. Additionally, sometimes animals find their way to the roof after accessing the building through unsupervised bay doors.

Once they are on the roof, raccoons have been known to claw into roofing to access nesting spots. They may also dig holes near drain pipes or bend vents. These intruders are so prevalent that there are even raccoon removal services in New Jersey. A commercial roof maintenance program will alert you to the signs of animal infestation and help you remedy the situation.

Warranty Requirements

One of the most important reasons to have a commercial roof maintenance program is that many commercial roofing warranties often require periodic inspections. This is understandable, as the manufacturer providing the warranty doesn’t want to face the expense of a significant repair or replacement because a minor problem went undetected for years.

The periodic inspections included in a commercial roof maintenance program help keep your warranty in force. Should you ever decide to sell your commercial property, evidence of routine roof maintenance will be a positive to prospective buyers.

Also, a well-maintained roof minimizes costly surprises when the standard building inspection occurs before closing. In many instances, newly detected roofing problems have to be addressed before the sale is finalized, causing additional costs and delays.

As your commercial roof silently performs its duties year after year, it is all too easy to forget about the roof until ominous signs of leaks appear on interior surfaces.

At that point, the cost of roof repairs becomes a significant cost that could potentially have been prevented with routine maintenance. Protect against avoidable roofing expenses with periodic commercial roof maintenance in NJ.

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