3 Examples of How Realtor Partnerships Can Impact Your Business

When you’re growing a real estate business, laying a strong foundation is important. Strategic partnerships are vital building blocks upon which to build long-term sales success.

There are few professions where networking pays more dividends than in real estate. Your long-term success may very well depend on cultivating the right business relationships. Network with a dynamic group of fellow professionals to drive future success.

Working hard pays off. Working hard and smart is better still. Over the long haul, the most resourceful realtors land more satisfied clients.

Selecting the Partnerships That are Right for You

Take care when seeking out partnerships. You’re going to invest time and share resources. Increase your chances of success. Perform your due diligence by:

  • Looking for those accredited or factory-certified in their specialties
  • Identifying highly rated businesses
  • Matching a fellow professional’s markets with your own

Careful research is particularly important for aspiring realtors new to the area. With the right partnership, both parties enhance their respective reputations.

Partner with Certified Inspectors

Teaming up with a certified inspector is another real estate partnership example. Once a seller signs a listing agreement, it’s important to get the home in tip-top shape without delay. The process often begins with the services of a qualified inspector.

Certified inspectors are valuable at different points in the selling process. There are both sellers’ and buyers’ inspections. Once there’s an accepted offer, there’s an inspection that’s primarily for the benefit of the buyer and the mortgage lender. At every stage of the process, a talented inspector paves the way for a successful transfer of ownership.

There are a variety of reasons to work with a certified inspector you can trust:

  • Accurately identify needed repairs
  • Consider upgrades that might be required
  • Provide peace-of-mind when a home’s systems check out 

For example, it is far better to offer a home with a solid roof than to deal with problems identified during the pre-closing inspection. A capable inspector also estimates the remaining lifespan of an aging roof. Sometimes, the seller faces a decision to replace a failing roof before going to market.

Like others devoted to residential real estate, home inspectors have professional associations to turn to. One example is the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). It is a professional trade organization based in Boulder, CO. More than 28.000 home inspectors rely on the association for leads, certification and ongoing training.

Partner with Builders

Another of the real estate partnership examples is working with a home builder. In general, builders are more open to collaborating with realtors than ever before. The past decade has seen a positive transition in how the two groups view each other.

As many as a third of all prospective home buyers consider new construction at some point. This means that you’re missing out on some of the action if you ignore new home construction. A partnership with a builder offers key advantages. For example, if you have land listings, it gives you another source for potential buyers.

Both parties share the same basic goals. Both builders and realtors want to sell more houses. Both builders and realtors seek more referrals. Those in both professions want to expand their reach and to cultivate new markets. One strives to deliver a quality product. The other, a quality service. Word-of-mouth is important to each. Strategic partnerships fuel referrals and branding success.

Partner with Contractors

Working with a contractor is yet another of the real estate partnership examples. Realtors benefit from established relationships with carefully selected contractors. A seller’s agent needs a source for prompt, professional repairs. Every listing must hit the market without delay.

Later in the process, an offer may be contingent upon the prompt completion of a key repair. Or, a buyer might purchase a property intending to make improvements soon after closing.

In many cases, sellers and buyers appreciate quality contractor referrals from their agents.

Home improvement contractors repair or replace roofs, siding, windows and more. Often, it is possible to increase curb appeal with only modest effort. Take care of a few missing shingles. Replace a cracked window. Swap out some damaged siding. 

Sometimes, an inspection reveals the need for a roof replacement or other major work. When this occurs, it is ideal to have a contractor to turn to. That is, a contractor with an established reputation for timely, high-quality. work. Working with a factory-certified contractor adds even more peace-of-mind.

Sometimes, a new listing needs cleaning as much as anything. Professional power washing or soft washing services remove:

  • Black algae streaks from the roof
  • Grit, grime, mold and mildew from stone, brick or siding
  • Greasy deposits from walkways, driveways and garage floors

A partnership with the right contractor offers other benefits. For example, it makes it possible to share referrals with the utmost confidence.

Once you establish key partnerships, stick with them. Always follow through on your relationships with a builder, contractor or inspector. Adhere to any agreements you make. Mutual respect and repeated contact will forge business relationships that last and last.

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