The Warning Signs of a Building Roof Collapse

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The well-being and safety of each person in your building depends on the quality and integrity of your roof. As the owner or manager, you are responsible for maintaining the safest possible conditions at your facility.

A building roof collapse can be devastating, destroying property and posing a risk to everyone inside. This is why you will want to keep a watchful eye on the condition of your roof. Being aware of the warning signs of a building roof collapse will help you protect your property and the individuals under your care.

As you walk around your property, there are a number of things to look out for, including:

Is it Sagging?

When you see a sagging roof, it’s time to call a professional before the damage becomes more extensive.

Severe Roof Leaks

Is your building capable of withstanding rainfall? Leaks indicate problems with the structure of your roof, and incoming water will reduce its integrity.


Check for bends or ripples in supports, as they can signal an imminent collapse.


During your patrol around the building, do you see cracked or split wood members? You also should take note of any cracks in the walls or masonry.


When you notice sheared off screws from steel frames, this is another indication of a potential building roof collapse.

Check the Ceiling

If the sprinkler heads of your fire suppression system have dropped down below ceiling tiles, you should call a roofing expert to check if this is a sign that the roof is in danger of collapsing. Likewise, make sure that there are no bowed utility pipes or conduits attached at the ceiling.


When doors pop open without warning or when you have doors or windows that are difficult to open, it’s evidence that something is wrong with the roof.

Listen Carefully to Your Building

If you or anyone else at the property hears creaking, cracking or popping sounds, this is one more sign of a potential building roof collapse.

Of course, you need to hire a knowledgeable roofing professional to make a determination about the structural integrity of your property’s roof. At CRS, our experts have years of experience helping commercial property owners maintain their roofing systems. If you have concerns about the state of your facilities and are in fear of an imminent building roof collapse, do not delay in contacting us for an inspection and consultation.


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