The Benefits of Having a Thermal Moisture Scan

Once you have installed a new roofing system at your facility, it’s important to remember that it will require regular inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals in order to keep it in proper working order.

Over time, a small leak can lead to mold and wet insulation that can cause your roof to fail. One of the most valuable tools that roofing professionals use to check on the viability of a roof is the thermal moisture scan.

Here are a number of reasons and benefits as to why you should schedule a thermal moisture scan.

1. Leaks

Unseen leaks in your building’s roof can cause interior damage to the building. A thermal moisture scan is ideal for locating any possible leaks before they lead to unsafe conditions.

2. Insulation

Undetected leaks can lead to water getting on your electrical units. Wet insulation becomes a conductor of energy, resulting in increased energy bills. When insulation gets wet, it can add unnecessary weight to the roof and the building, putting stress on the structure.

In a worst case scenario, wet insulation can cause your roofing system to fail, with a distinct chance of your roof collapsing, causing further damage to the property.

3. Deck

Another area where a thermal moisture scan can make a difference is when technicians use it to detect moisture trapped within the roof and insulation, which can speed the deterioration of the building’s structural deck.

4. Fasteners

Water is a universal solvent. With time, your roofing fasteners can corrode in the presence of water that has come in through a leak. This reduces the uplift performance of the roof, possibly causing it to blow off of the building, especially during inclement weather conditions.

A thermal moisture scan is essential for determining if water is silently eroding these vital components in your roofing system.

5. Mold

Trapped moisture can also encourage the growth of mold, which can lead to air quality issues. Once dangerous mold is detected in your building, you may face a costly shutdown, as mold remediation experts will need to be called in and take care of the problem.

At CRS, our knowledgeable professionals have a great deal of experience installing, inspecting and maintainingroofing solutions for commercial building owners in New Jersey and the greater tri-state region. For more information on the benefits of using a thermal moisture scan on your roof or to arrange an appointment for a service call, please contact CRS today.

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