The Best Siding Contractors in North NJ Offer These Services

When the time comes to invest in new siding, a NJ homeowner faces a key decision. Who should you hire to install it? Keep in mind that you’ll rely on the chosen contractor to install new trim and housewrap as well. You might also add insulation board, replace soffits or update shutters.

Important Services Siding Contractors Should Offer

You want quality results that enhance curb appeal and withstand the test of time. Therefore, it’s important to hire a siding contractor in North NJ who is capable in many areas.

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Design services

When it comes to selecting siding, it’s reassuring to compare your thoughts with those of a contractor with design experience. As you decide on siding, you’re juggling multiple goals:

  • Successfully integrate new siding with your home’s architectural style
  • Blend trim and accessories into your home’s look
  • Choose siding with a good ROI
  • Look for ways to cut energy costs
  • Take advantage of the latest siding innovations

A wide selection of siding styles

Always find out whether a Bergen County, NJ, siding contractor is familiar with newer, long-lasting siding options. You want to work with your contractor to select a siding style that works with the architectural elements of your home.

Composite siding is one innovative, modern option. Fiber cement siding is a durable, low-maintenance siding. Polymer siding delivers an authentic look and excellent durability.

Cedar Impressions shakes and shingles deliver a very authentic, aesthetic look. Choose from different textures, including rough-split and rough-sawn. It’s even possible to mimic the look of aged cedar if you desire.

Energy savings drive some decisions. For example, there’s siding that comes pre-bonded to conforming insulation. Or, your contractor can add polystyrene insulation board behind your new siding.


Yes, what’s behind your siding is as important as the siding itself. The right housewrap keeps water out while letting water vapor escape. A high-quality housewrap “breathes.” This prevents moisture from getting trapped in your exterior walls.

When moisture in the walls is a greater concern, consider drainable housewrap. It allows water to quickly drain out of the area behind your siding. Water trapped in your exterior walls causes various problems. Mold growth is one threat. As the Centers for Disease Control says, mold is a health hazard. This is of particular concern in homes occupied by those with respiratory problems. Proper drainage is important for another reason. Building materials tend to deteriorate when they remain wet for extended periods.

Trim and accessories

Your contractor’s siding specialists must know how to install all required trim and accessories. Examples include corner posts, trim coil, J channel and hose bibs. It’s always important to color coordinate new siding, trim and accessories like electrical boxes. Everything must work together to protect your home from the elements.



Soffit selection is important too. A capable Bergen County, NJ, siding contractor should help you select the right soffits. The color must work well with the color of your new siding. There are different types of soffits. Examples include non-vented, center vent, hidden vent soffits. Properly ventilated soffits are often a crucial part of a northern NJ home. Air must flow freely through your attic to moderate temperatures and to get rid of humid air. The best siding contractors in North NJ know how to recommend the right soffits for each application.


Capable siding contractors in North NJ are familiar with ways to add insulation when new siding is installed. Astute NJ homeowners often improve insulation when they upgrade their siding. Some types of siding come with insulation board pre-attached. Or, your siding installers can put up a layer of polystyrene insulation foam board. Either way, it’s possible to increase R-values that can save you money. The insulation board also gives installers an even surface to work with as the siding goes up.

New Jersey has some of the highest electricity rates in the country, and they may rise further in the future. Every dollar’s worth of electricity saved through improved wall insulation multiplies throughout the life of your new siding. The right insulation also reduces street noise. This is valuable when your neighbor fires up the lawnmower early on a Saturday morning.


When it comes to shutters, one thing is certain. If you already have shutters on your home, they will be removed to allow for the installation of new siding. The time to upgrade your shutters, or to invest in shutters for the first time, is when you install new siding. It’s efficient for the crew to put up new siding and shutters at the same time. Therefore, look for a siding contractor in North NJ who has expertise with shutters. Such a contractor is in a position to recommend a style and color of shutters that will look great with your new siding.

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