Roof Services

Take the Proactive Approach.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Protect your real estate assets with a commercial roof maintenance program. This proactive approach often detects minor problems before they become major ones. Regular inspections reveal punctures, ponding water, loose flashings and other problems that require professional attention. We can repair holes, clean up debris, restore seams and repair flashings. Set up a regular roof maintenance program with an established local roofing contractor with decades of experience.

Roof Repairs

Even the best commercial roofs could require repairs after severe storms or as they age. Sometimes, storm damage requires immediate short-term repairs, which are followed by long-term solutions. Other repairs include locating, repairing and resolving leaks, repairing cracks and welding open seams. Over time, roof repairs may become more frequent until it is better to re-roof your building. At CRS, all commercial work is performed by our very own, highly trained employees.

Commercial Service Work

Commercial roof service work helps you to get the most out of a commercial roof investment. Expert technicians can perform thermal moisture scans to detect leaks and to determine how far moisture has spread. Service work includes regular scheduled inspections and special inspections conducted after severe storms. Routine maintenance addresses problems before they cause more serious problems like interior damage, corroding metal and mold growth. Service work at CRS features competitive rates, reliable service and responsive, highly trained employees.

Residential Inspection Work

Residential home roof inspections protect the significant investment you have in your home. When certified roofing professionals inspect your roof, they minimize the need for major repairs in the future and they help keep your home in the best condition possible. As a roofing company that believes in offering the best solutions, all residential inspection work is performed by our very own, highly trained specialists.