Why Warranties Matter to the Top Roofing Companies in Bergen County NJ

It is easy to understand why the best roofing companies in Bergen County, NJ want to improve their competitive position by offering the very best warranties in the business.

For example, GAF’s factory-certified roofing contractors are authorized to offer the manufacturer’s Golden Pledge, Silver Pledge and System Plus warranties. When architectural shingles are used, such warranties cover materials for 50 years. Importantly, these warranties also cover the cost of installation for as long as the homeowner retains ownership of the property. In some cases, installation coverage even extends to the next owner. Always ask your roofing contractor whether a roof warranty is transferable.

Warranty Features to Look For

Roof warranties vary in many ways. Here are some of the questions you’ll want to ask as you evaluate warranties offered by different roofing companies in Bergen County, NJ.

Is full roof system coverage included?

Some warranties only cover the shingles, while others cover the entire roofing system, including things like flashing and underlayment. Clearly, warranties that cover all roofing materials offer more peace of mind.

Some homeowners have encountered a problem with flashing or underlayment, only to discover that their warranty only covers the shingles themselves. Full system coverage is key if you want real peace-of-mind.

Is the warranty backed by the manufacturer?

A residential roof is a significant investment, and the warranty that covers it could save you thousands in the event there’s a claim in the future. Of course, a roofing warranty is only as solid as the company that’s providing it. For example, a GAF warranty is backed by the largest roofing products manufacturer in North America.

Is the warranty provided by a factory-certified roofer?

When you are looking at roofing companies in Bergen County NJ, look for those that are factory-certified by a major roofing manufacturer. Certification can greatly impact your warranty options. For example, the Golden Pledge Warranty is exclusive to GAF Master Elite Contractors. This is the manufacturer’s absolute best warranty, and a non-certified roofer cannot offer it.

The reasons are obvious. When you think about it, the manufacturer wants to work with a trustworthy contractor as much as you do. Major roofing manufacturers don’t want to see premature problems with your roof any more than the homeowner does. First, their reputation is at stake. Second, they want to avoid expensive warranty claims. For a number of reasons, repairs are usually much less efficient than original installations.

A manufacturer’s warranty from GAF is backed by North America’s largest manufacturer of roofing products, including shingles, underlayment and ice barriers. GAF only certifies about three percent of the nation’s roofing companies as Master Elite Contractors. The manufacturer maintains stringent certification standards, and its certified contractors must maintain these standards to retain the certification. Since Master Elite Contractors are protected by a GAF warranty, any mistake that might occur during a project is covered by the manufacturer.

Is the cost of installation covered?

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When you compare warranties, it is vital to determine how long the workmanship is fully covered. While the best warranties may cover installation costs for 25 years or more, some warranties do not cover labor at all. When the installation is not covered, the homeowner may get the replacement product only to discover that they have to pay for installation themselves.

There are also contractor warranties. Some roofers, such as some of the roofing companies in Bergen County NJ, will offer their own warranties on workmanship. These contractor warranties often cover installation for a much shorter time, perhaps two years or so.

Compare minimal workmanship coverage to the Golden Pledge Warranty, which covers labor costs for as long as the purchaser owns the home. Such warranties are so thorough they cover the whole roof system, including flashing and underlayment.

When a world-class building products manufacturer provides the workmanship coverage, there’s greater peace-of-mind. And, you don’t have to wonder about the future of a given roofing contractor.

Is the warranty transferable?

Some warranties are transferable to the next owner. Such a warranty is often used as a selling tool to increase buyer interest. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand whether you are getting a transferable or non-transferable warranty when you invest in a new roof system.

Finally, warranty coverage of three-tab shingles is typically less than the coverage offered when modern architectural shingles are used. This is largely due to the fact that three-tab shingles are not as thick and durable as architectural (composition) shingles. For example, GAF’s Silver and Golden Pledge warranties offer 50 years of coverage when architectural shingles are selected, but only 20 years of coverage when three-tab shingles are used.

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