5 Important Roof Maintenance Tips for Northern NJ Homes

When it comes to residential roofing maintenance, the two most important suggestions of all are 1) stay consistent and 2) trust the pros. Too often, a northern New Jersey homeowner invests in a new roof only to forget about it for years thereafter.

Although properly installed roofing systems that include the highest-quality materials typically last for decades, even minor issues, if ignored, threaten to become big problems.

How to Get the Most From Your Roofing System

You’ll find the word “commit” in every roof maintenance tip noted below; this is no mistake. It is of the highest importance to make a real commitment to taking care of your roof.

1. Commit to Cleaning

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Many residential properties in northern New Jersey benefit from the beauty and shade offered by mature trees. However, when those towering oaks, maples and birches shed their leaves, many land on roofs and in gutters.

If water can’t drain off your roof as intended by the architect, it might move up and under the shingles, possibly leading to leaks. Matted leaves can keep shingles wet for weeks, accelerating deterioration and encouraging unsightly moss growth.

Therefore, commit to removing leaves, branches and other debris from your roof on a regular basis. Of course, the safest way to do this is to rely on roofing contractors or other services that can perform this work safely and with a minimum of fuss. When unattractive staining or streaking occurs on shingles, professional cleaning can eliminate or minimize the problem.

2. Commit to Regular Maintenance

For example, a flashing torn loose in high winds may result in a leak. Caught early, the flashing can be replaced or repaired before significant damage happens.

However, ignore it for years until a ceiling or wall stain appears, and this once-innocent problem could lead to rotting, soft drywall, corroded fasteners, and even mold. There is no substitute for regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance conducted by skilled professionals.

You invested a significant sum in your new roof. Now, commit to the professional maintenance that will extend its lifespan as far into the future as possible.

3. Commit to Inspections by a Certified Inspector

roof maintenance northern nj

Commit to semiannual inspections and maintenance, preferably in the spring and the fall. Spring inspections reveal possible damage from winter blizzards, high winds and ice accumulations.

Fall inspections note damage from summer thunderstorms, some of which feature high winds and hail. In the spring, roof maintenance may include cleaning up fallen branches and other debris.

Sometimes, spring maintenance also includes minor work on flashings loosened by repeated freeze-thaw cycles and ice dams. A typical New Jersey winter can also damage the caulk and other sealants critical to successful waterproofing.

In the fall, routine maintenance includes removing leaves from gutters. Any shingles torn, loosened or blown off during summer windstorms need to be secured or replaced.

Likewise, loose or damaged flashings must be dealt with. Sometimes, moss growth during the warm, wet summer months is substantial enough to warrant removal. Anything that keeps shingles moist for lengthy periods of time, like matted leaves and moss, accelerates deterioration.

4. Commit to Emergency Repairs

Sometimes, a storm is so severe that it either damages your roof or you suspect that damage did occur. For example, if 80 mph wind gusts strike your neighborhood as a line of thunderstorms moves through, you don’t want to wait until the next scheduled inspection.

By then, missing shingles or flashing may have led to leaks that demand attention. When storm damage is quickly detected, repairs are often relatively minor, or they may be covered by your homeowner’s policy.

5. Commit to Quality Maintenance

roof maintenance northern nj

Most homeowners lead busy lives, making it all too easy to forget about residential roof inspections and maintenance until an emergency occurs. However, if you enroll in a maintenance program offered by a local roofing contractor you can trust, you won’t have to keep track of these things.

Periodic inspections and routine maintenance can address the following:

  • Clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Loose, damaged or missing shingles
  • Loose, damaged or missing flashing
  • Caulking issues
  • Streaking and staining

Sometimes, a certified roof inspector will also notice issues not directly related to the roof system that are still a concern, like cracks on chimney crowns and rubber seals around skylights that are deteriorating.

A regularly scheduled inspection by a certified roof inspector identifies problems at an early stage that simple repairs will often resolve. Periodic cleaning will maintain your home’s curb appeal and inherent beauty.

A roof maintenance program also helps maintain property values. If and when you want to put your home on the market, a well-maintained roof looks good, and it demonstrates pride of ownership.

By comparison, a poorly maintained roof may decrease the perceived value of your home at resale, and the home inspection required before closing may reveal damage that you’ll have to correct before the sale is finalized.

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