What’s the Average Cost of Roof Cleaning in NJ?

You loved the crisp, clean look of your shingles when they were new. Now, however, they look streaked and dingy. Moss, lichens and algae detract from the natural beauty of your roof as well. Professional cleaning is the answer.

What Is Roof Cleaning and When Is It Necessary?

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Roof cleaning uses water delivered under soft wash to remove organic stains, dirt and debris. Cleaning chemicals are used to supplement the effect of soft washing. In all cases, it is important to avoid excess water pressure that strips excess granules from the shingles.

There are a variety of situations when roof cleaning is a good idea. For example, it helps to preserve the value of your home. It only makes sense to clean shingles to protect this valuable asset. Roof cleaning may also extend the lifespan of your roof, and is also popular for curb appeal when the time comes to sell. Washing away moss and dirt to make your roof look its best increases the chance you’ll get the offer you’re hoping for.

Variables That Influence Roof Cleaning Cost

The average cost of roof cleaning in NJ is very much related to a roof’s total surface area. Some NJ residential roofs are smaller, some are larger. An estimator will typically begin by calculating the total square footage of a roof. He then multiplies that number by the price per square foot.

The estimator often adjusts the quote due to various factors. Roof complexity, ease of access, and the landscape of your yard can affect the cost.

Roof complexity

The architectural complexity of a roof affects the average cost of roof cleaning in NJ. Some northern NJ roofs have more pitches and gables than others. 

Ease of access

A roof’s ease of access also impacts cleaning costs. Roof pitch is one factor. Technicians can easily move around a roof with a more modest pitch. However, a steeply pitched roof may require extra equipment, including extra safety gear. Although a roof with a steep pitch may be trickier to clean, it is well worth it. Higher profile roofs impact curb appeal more than flatter ones. The location of landscaping may also affect the cost. Some jobs require that tarps be placed over vulnerable plants.


Many homeowners in Bergen County and beyond must deal with the effects of blue-green algae on their roofs. It is responsible for those dark streaks that become very distracting over time. Severe streaking may even increase your home’s cooling costs. When those dark streaks absorb sunlight, they may increase cooling loads.

Moss buildup

Moss buildup may affect roof cleaning expense. Homes in more heavily wooded areas of northern New Jersey are often more susceptible. It is possible to remove light moss with simple soft washing. However, heavy buildups are more of a challenge. Workers may even have to remove thick, matted moss by hand. They also have to take the time to dispose of it. Once the moss mats are gone, technicians wash away the remaining debris. 

It’s ideal to work with an experienced local roofing contractor to identify ways to reduce moss buildup in the future. For example, it might be best to remove overgrowth to reduce the amount of shade. The installation of zinc strips can put a stop to future moss and algae problems.

Frequency of cleaning

Finally, the average cost of roof cleaning in NJ is related to the time since the last cleaning. Some Tri-state homeowners invest in annual roof cleaning. Others seek roof cleaning estimates after many years. By then, streaking or moss buildup is more of a challenge. In a way, it’s like cleaning cars. Compare a car that frequently goes through a car wash to a vintage vehicle that gets washed after sitting in out in a barn or storage shed for decades.

Roof Cleaning Process

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The roof cleaning process is divided into four different steps.


Given all the variables, the average cost of roof cleaning in NJ varies. Estimates will often fall in a range of $0.15 to $0.30 per square foot. Once you settle on a contractor, you can schedule a visit to have your roof cleaned.


Your contractor and crew will take care of the preparation. They’ll bring the cleaning equipment, ladders and safety equipment. They’ll also spread tarps when necessary.

Roof cleaning

Technicians use soft washing techniques that do not damage shingles. Workers remove debris and heavy moss before washing.

The cleanup

Once the job is done, it is important for the technicians to discard any debris removed from the roof. Your property should look the same before and after the visit. Except for the roof, that is. Hopefully, it will look that much better!

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