3 Residential Roofing Services to Safeguard Your Roof for Winter

Properly installed, high-quality asphalt shingle roofs are designed to protect New Jersey homes from bitter cold and endless freeze-thaw cycles. They are also designed to survive the extreme winds that accompany the worst blizzards.

Given the substantial investment your roof represents, it only makes sense to do whatever you can to make it last. No one wants to have to install a new roof because the existing one was neglected. In addition, if you ever decide to sell, a well-maintained roof sends a strong signal to prospective buyers about your pride of ownership.

Three Ways to Safeguard Your Roof

residential roofing services

Here are three residential roofing services that northern NJ homeowners use to protect their roofs in the winter.

1. Certified roof inspections

Northern NJ homeowners use certified roof inspectors in a variety of situations.

  • Routine seasonal inspections in the spring and fall
  • Inspections following extreme weather events
  • Inspections when leaks occur
  • An inspection to determine whether a new roof is needed

To address any possible issues before winter arrives, have a certified roof inspector conduct a seasonal examination of your complete roofing system in the fall. Your roof inspector will look for two key things: possible damage from summer storms and evidence of damage due to aging.

The inspector begins with a ground level inspection of shingles and flashing. Next, the roofing pro climbs up on the roof to take a closer look at all the different roofing components. Finally, a visit to the attic may reveal evidence of leaks or clogged ventilation vents.

The proper performance of all roof components is important. Therefore, your inspector will examine seals and caulking as well as shingles and flashing. He will also look for damaged gutters, drip edges and trim boards. A fall roof inspection reveals issues that can be corrected before the worst days of winter arrive.

2. Seasonal maintenance

Seasonal roof maintenance ensures proper performance of your roof system in the winter.

You want your roofing system performing to the highest standards to better cope with fierce NJ storms. Don’t forget the blizzard that struck the East Coast on January 3-5, 2018, bringing heavy snow and high winds to much of the state. Gusty winds may bring down snow and ice-covered branches that damage roofs when they come crashing down. High winds also may damage aging shingles that are more brittle in the cold.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to get experienced roofing pros up on your roof in the fall. Although modern roofing systems are carefully designed to survive in adverse weather, your roof may sustain damage due to summer storms that bring gusty winds and wind-driven rain. A Rutgers University article estimates that most places in New Jersey endure about 25-30 thunderstorms every year.

  • Debris: You also want to know that your gutters are free of leaves and debris before winter arrives. Crews can also remove fallen branches, twigs and other debris so they don’t prevent proper drainage. Ice dams are more common when water backs up due to clogged gutters roof debris.
  • Shingles: In the fall, roofing technicians can replace missing or damaged shingles when issues are still relatively minor. Shingles torn off in summer thunderstorms make your roof more vulnerable to leaks when snow and ice accumulate on your roof.
  • Flashing: High winds may also loosen flashing intended to keep moisture out of the sub-roofing. In the winter, loose flashing is more vulnerable to expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall. It is also important to replace any loose or cracked sealant. Ice and extreme cold can quickly compromise seals around skylights and other roof penetrations.
  • Organic growth: Routine maintenance also addresses organic growth commonly found in shady areas of NJ roofs. Fall is an ideal time to remove unwanted moss growth that prevents proper water flow off your roof. Moss mats also retain moisture that can eventually damage shingles. If your roof is plagued by distracting dark stains caused by blue-green algae, consider a special cleaning followed by an algae treatment.

With fall roof maintenance, you’ll rest easy in the comfort of your home when winter storms blast the Tri-state region with high winds, heavy snow and freezing rain.

3. Warranty-related services

The very best roof warranties provide NJ homeowners with real peace-of-mind. Professional residential roofing services help to keep a valuable manufacturer’s warranty in force.

Occasionally, a professional roof inspection will reveal the need for warranty work. It is ideal to complete such work before the inevitable cold, ice and snow arrive. Should your roof ever require warranty work, a contractor certified by the manufacturer offering the warranty is an ideal choice.

Should you decide to sell, a top-notch, transferable manufacturer’s warranty may add value in the opinion of prospective buyers.

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residential roofing services

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