Hansen Residence


New Milford, NJ

Existing Condition:

24 year old roof with no leaks

Price of Job:


Size of Roof:

2,100 square feet

Scope of Work:

  • Tarp Roof
  • Remove roof check wood, replace as needed
  • Owens Corning Weatherlock Ice and Water Shield will be installed a minimum of 3’ on all eaves, in all valleys and around all roof penetrations
  • Apply Pro Armor Advanced underlayment over the roof
  • Install F 4-1/2” drip edge along the entire perimeter of all roof sections
  • Install Owens Corning Starter Strip Plus starter shingles along all rakes and eaves
  • Contractor will install step flashing anywhere the roof meets an adjacent structure
  • Install new Owens Corning Duration fiberglass roof shingles
  • Install Owens Corning Pro Edge hip & ridge caps along all hips & ridges
  • Replace any vent pipe collars with new “No Caulk” type collars
  • Replace any louvered vents
  • Install new Ridge Venting System using Owens Corning Vent Sure Ridge Vent


Golden Pledge Warranty. Lifetime on the roofing system and 25 year labor and workmanship warranty.

Type of Home:



October 2018

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