Why Realtor Networking with Local Builders is Important

Builders build them. Contractors maintain and upgrade them. Real estate professionals sell them. New Jersey homes, that is!

Realtor networking is a terrific way to grow your business. There are possibilities across all aspects of residential real estate. Expand your prospects by teaming up with local industry leaders. Work with builders, contractors, architects, designers and others to expand your business and to build your brand.

Markets are often crowded with both experienced and aspiring realtors. There are many ways to distinguish oneself, including stellar service and creative marketing. Another way is to add a builder partnership to expand your presence in the marketplace. Having your name associated with a well-respected local builder doesn’t hurt either. 

Realtor Networking with Builders

You’ll want to make a careful selection when you partner with a builder. You’re going to be investing much time and effort in such a partnership. Look at a builder’s local reputation. Consider the kind of homes the builder constructs. Do they align well with the homes you specialize in?

Years ago, productive builder-realtor relationships weren’t as common. Over time, both groups have come to a greater appreciation of the benefits of networking. Both builders and brokers see the advantage of relationships based on mutual trust.

5 Reasons to Network with Local Builders

Partnering with a local builder opens up an array of new selling opportunities. It diversifies and expands your potential listings, both for land and for homes.

1. More to offer your buyer

Today, resale home listings in various communities and neighborhoods are in short supply. One new home co-broker describes a “woefully under-supplied housing market.” That makes it even more important for realtors to consider partnerships with home builders.

The Housing Market Index (HMI) tracks national and regional housing markets. Recent increases in housing starts give a partnering realtor more flexibility and more options.

2. Referrals to those who want to build

Builders often work with clients who have a home to sell. These folks can move forward with building a new home only if they sell their current one. Sometimes, the customer has yet to find a selling agent. In such a scenario, a builder’s referral to a capable real estate pro benefits all the parties.

3. Land for homes, homes for land

Buyers wanting to build need both the home and the lot. Sometimes, it’s a package deal. When a spec home is available, for example. In other instances, the buyer has a home design in mind, but they need a place to put it. In other instances, they own land and they are ready to build. Are you a real estate professional with land listings? If so, a relationship with a builder offers a new stream of potential land buyers.

Sometimes a client has high expectations. That is, they want the perfect home in the perfect location. Get them the land that they want. Then, refer them to a builder capable of constructing the home of their dreams.

4. More responsive to changing markets

Housing markets shift, sometimes wildly. Realtors who focus only on existing homes are vulnerable when market conditions change. When prospective sellers sit tight, there is too little to show to prospective buyers. Add another layer of protection to the whims of the marketplace. Partner with a local, reputable builder. Relationships with builders give you options when inventory shortages appear. 

Partner with a builder, and you will view any surge in new housing starts in a new way. You won’t see competition for your listing of existing homes. Instead, you’ll see more opportunities in working with your chosen builder. When new housing starts surge, a realtor partnering with a builder will see opportunity rather than competition.

5. Brand building

Needless to say, reputations are very important in real estate sales. Partner with a builder to build your brand and enhance your reputation. Increased visibility brings more business. 

Recommend a builder you trust to customers you want to serve to the best of your ability. Always associate yourself with reputable businesses to succeed in building your brand. In the process, you’ll enhance your name recognition in the community. Over time, you’ll increase the number of inquiries from both sellers and buyers. 

Sharing Connections

Realtors often have existing connections that help builders. These might include lenders, title companies, home inspectors and marketing agencies. Realtors and builders also bring their respective professional affiliations to the table.

Active realtors develop a keen sense of the ebb and flow of the market. They witness the reactions of prospective buyers day in and day out. They can contribute to a builder’s feel for what’s trending in a given community or neighborhood.

Finally, there’s the all-important service after the sale. Both builders and realtors gain by satisfying clients with proper follow-up. It is a “win-win-win” for builders, realtors and home buyers alike.

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