How Our Realtor Partnership Can Benefit You

Real estate professionals cultivate and expand their businesses in many ways. Networking is second nature to these sales pros. Real estate partnership examples include relationships with builders, contractors, vendors and designers.

Good things happen when you are proactive about partnering with a home improvement contractor. For example, an agent’s referral pays dividends when a seller learns that the roof requires attention. Established trust between the agent and contractor builds trust between the seller and the seller’s agent.

Smart, Sensible Networking

Networking is good; efficient networking is better still. Real estate professionals have busy schedules. The right partnerships save you time. They don’t consume it.

Your client relies on you, and you want people you can rely on as well. When you need a roof inspected, shingles repaired or siding replaced, you want to call on a contractor you can count on. One that has the experience and integrity to get the job done right. One that has a longstanding reputation for doing quality work One that has the right people ready to go.

CRS wants to be your “go-to “contractor for important exterior services. Look to us for roofing, windows, siding, soft washing and more. We want to be the contractor you can refer your clients to with unwavering confidence.

Realtor Partner Program

At CRS, we welcome the opportunity to work with New Jersey realtors. Our Realtor Partner Program delivers value on many levels:

  • Referral commissions
  • Certified roof inspections for your listings
  • Prompt quotes for roofing, siding and window repair/replacement (less than 48 hours)
  • Spruce up properties with power or soft washing
  • Partner with an established home improvement contractor known across North Jersey. We’ve served thousands of homeowners in Bergen, Passaic, Essex counties and beyond.

Partner with a company that leading building materials manufacturers trust. They only offer their best warranties through factory-certified contractors. For example, CRS is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. CRS has forged a special partnership with this leading building materials manufacturer.

Instilling Peace of Mind

For most clients, a home is their largest investment of all. At every point in the process, peace of mind is so very valuable. Certified inspections and transferable warranties are two good examples.

When a roof is in good condition, a certified roof inspection becomes a key selling point. A seller discreetly resolves issues before the property hits the market. Sometimes, there’s no way to get a good offer on a home with an aging roof. Re-roofing by a factory-certified contractor qualifies the buyer for the best manufacturer warranties. A new roof and a top-notch transferable warranty is a persuasive combination.

Showing Your Listings at Their Best

In northern NJ, realtors encounter homes with common issues. Resolving these challenges enhances curb appeal and builds value. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Clogged gutters

Many New Jersey homes live on lots with mature trees. As a result, leaves, twigs and seeds often clog gutters. Water streaming from overflowing gutters is a disheartening distraction. A trained crew promptly and safely clear gutters and downspouts.

Basic repairs

Sometimes, simple repairs resolve concerns at modest cost. For example, a few missing, cracked or broken shingles might mar an otherwise solid roof. The eye of a prospective buyer will tend to zero in on the occasional imperfection. Minor repairs ensure that every shingle performs as intended. The same holds true for flashing, soffits, gutters and other elements of the roof system.
Likewise, sections of siding may need repair or replacement. Or, a single cracked window may undermine a buyer’s confidence in making an offer.

Soiled surfaces

Gloeocapsa Magma is a algae that leaves dark streaks on many NJ roofs. Low-pressure soft washing with eco-friendly cleaning agents is the answer. Soft washing also tackles dirt, moss and mold. Enhance curb appeal with minimal expense.

Dirt and grime accumulate on siding. Mold and mildew deposits are also unsightly. Professional soft washing eliminates these distractions. Cleaning reveals the intended color of the siding
Horizontal surfaces accumulate dirt, grease and grime as well. Rely on the professional soft washing techniques for other purposes. Clean decks, patios, garage floors, driveways and other surfaces.

Replacements: the bigger projects

Certain defects decrease an offer or prevent a sale altogether. Sometimes, it is in the best interests of a buyer to deal with aging roofing, siding or windows upfront.

Shingles may exceed their intended lifespan. They may be curling or shedding granules. The roof may have structural problems. Warped, cracked or otherwise defective siding needs attention. It may be time to replace old siding rather than repainting it. Aging windows may require energy-efficient replacements. Dated colors also limit curb appeal. Sometimes, it’s important to replace out-of-favor colors with those offering more universal appeal.

Learn More

Although potential real estate partnership examples are many, truly productive partnerships are few. Why not consider a realtor-contractor partnership with CRS? We offer a Realtor Partner Program that offers you tangible benefits.

CRS has a legacy of reliability, honesty and integrity. We’ve cultivated our reputation for more than four decades. We’ve served thousands of homeowners in Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County. Today, we represent the finest roofing, siding and window brands in North America.

Successful real estate pros look for contractors they can count on, day in and day out. The CRS team is there for you when you need us. Bring out the very best in your listings. Drive even more sales by partnering with CRS. Contact us today!

CRS Realtor CTA

CRS provides full-service roofing including residential roof repair and replacement services, siding installation and replacement, regular roof maintenance, solar shingle installation, and more to homeowners in northern New Jersey from Bergen County to Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. We are local, experienced, and factory-certified by trusted industry names like GAF and Owens Corning. The experienced team at CRS would welcome the opportunity to serve you with the same level of customer service we’ve provided to thousands of other New Jersey homeowners since 1977. We also offer commercial roofing services to the tri-state area and have been trusted by local business owners to keep their employees and businesses safe through all seasons. 



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