Home Roof Repair in Northern NJ: Underlayments & Shingles

From northern New Jersey’s suburbs to the more rural areas, homeowners occasionally need roof repairs. Perhaps high winds tore shingles from the roof, or a large branch crashed through it. Maybe the age of the roof is a factor, or an improper installation that occurred long ago is now taking its toll.

There are many kinds of underlayments and shingles available for home roof repairs in northern NJ. The expertise of a reputable local roofing contractor is helpful in matching the right roofing products with your current roof system. Sometimes it’s simple to identify matching underlayment and shingles for your repair project. However, given the fact that roof lifespans are often measured in decades, an older roof may include discontinued products.


Quality underlayment protects against infiltration by wind-driven rain and by water that backs up behind ice dams. Every kind of underlayment shares something in common: it provides an extra layer of protection between the shingles and the roof deck itself. Although the roof deck typically consists of exterior-rated plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), it still needs to be protected from the kind of moisture infiltration that can soften the wood over time or sneak through the gaps between sheets.

Asphalt felt

The most common underlayment is traditional asphalt felt, also known as roofing tar paper, roll roofing or roofing felt. It is a water-resistant, breathable product that typically consists of a cellulose base saturated with bitumen. Over many years, it is possible for the asphalt to get brittle enough to allow moisture intrusion.

Synthetic underlayment

Synthetic products reinforced with fiberglass or polypropylene are an increasingly popular substitute for traditional felt. Just like modern shingles are reinforced with fiberglass, so too are some types of synthetic underlayment, like Shingle-Mate and VersaShield.

Synthetic underlayment fabricated from polypropylene simultaneously delivers tear-resistance, breathability and protection against UV rays. Deck-Armor and Tiger Paw are two examples. FeltBuster, a non-asphaltic substitute for traditional felt, is yet another.

Quality underlayment is important because any failure may allow water to find its way through gaps in the sheathing to your home’s framing and attic insulation. Once water is inside your home, it can cause damage to drywall, corrode electrical components and rot wood. Mold is even a possibility on drywall, attic insulation and other vulnerable surfaces.

Leak barriers

Leak barriers, also called ice barriers, are a special kind of underlayment that is of particular interest wherever damage from ice dams is a threat. It may be applied where ice dams are most likely, like eaves, rakes, valleys and around roof penetrations.

Although localized applications are common, some homeowners consider the use of such a barrier across the entire roof for even better long-term moisture protection. The mineral-surfaced WeatherWatch is one kind of leak barrier, while StormGuard, a film-surfaced barrier, is another.


Home roof repairs in northern NJ often require contractors to carefully match the new shingles to the existing roofing.

home roof repair Northern NJ

Architectural or three-tab

First, it is important to determine the general type of shingle you have – either the thinner three-tab design or thicker architectural style. Since three-tab shingles are thinner, it is recommended that a repair is completed with three-tab shingles so the surface of the existing roof blends with the repaired area. Similarly, a repair on a roof with architectural shingles should be completed with those thicker shingles.

There are many kinds of architectural shingles found on northern New Jersey roofs. Some create a highly dimensional look through color gradations and innovative cuts. Owens Corning’s Duration Series and GAF’s Designer Series are excellent examples.

Since styles and colors change over the years, shingle matching is sometimes a challenge. Also, allowances must be made if existing shingles have faded considerably over time. Keep in mind that poorly matched shingles reduce curb appeal, and they draw attention to the fact that a roof repair occurred.

It is usually more straightforward to match newer shingles. The homeowner may even have the original paperwork that lists the brand and color used. When older shingles are discontinued or otherwise unavailable, your roofing contractor needs to expend the effort required to obtain a decent match.

Discontinued organic shingles

The vast majority of today’s shingles are reinforced with a fiberglass mat. However, until about 2008, some manufacturers produced shingles with cellulose mats. These “organic” shingles were discontinued for a number of reasons, including premature failure due to excess moisture absorption. There was even a settlement following a class action lawsuit regarding certain kinds of organic shingles manufactured from 1987 to 2005.

If you have an organic shingle roof, it is increasingly likely that there will not be a supply of matching shingles available. Therefore, it is usually better to repair such a roof is with modern fiberglass-reinforced shingles.

Contact CRS for Prompt Assistance

home roof repair Northern NJ

Since 1977, CRS is known for its high-quality home roof repairs in northern NJ. Since we’ve tackled virtually every kind of home roof repair, we are well-positioned to complete yours as well. We’ll do our best to match the new underlayment and shingles to your existing roof.

We are also a full-service roofing contractor that offers everything from roof inspections to full roof replacements. CRS is factory-certified as a GAF Master Elite Contractor and Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, something only three percent of roofing contractors achieve.

Please contact us today to arrange for a complimentary visit from our certified roof inspector. We’ll carefully review our findings with you so you can make an educated decision as to the best roof repair for your situation.

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