Step-by-Step Guide: Residential Roof Repair in Bergen County

Many Bergen County homeowners go for years without needing a roof repair. When the time comes, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to residential roof repair in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Types of Roof Damage

Although most residential roofs perform admirably for many years, the need for a repair does arise from time to time. Roof repairs range from minor to major in scope.

Here are a few examples of possible roofing issues that require professional repairs.

High winds, hail or extreme precipitation in a bad storm might lead to:

  • Missing/damaged shingles
  • Broken/damaged flashing
  • Structural damagenGTtn73A7lfzQnmqekPCqjgqissMN9WYrYBKN03zZwWsxaftMH1GAA3L3fTEFmzs qAAquAAd8TNEQt9tIZrujASVhmao W3G0u TnZTsFuj8KdIw1M76wOciHuJQ6ZSP6OUmrEl

Aging might cause the gradual deterioration of shingles, like:

  • Curling/cupping shingles
  • Damaged seals around vents/pipes
  • Excess loss of protective granulesvj0KIQursYrp53YCbG87txl6cuoLgqeeLQ6fw6Ofyu1y9DQQB 3qVMxmWT9yhibbLMYdX9jvBz5uVuPCca8k5nXkNcLD SoY2q7LUKLwhut7eugS TqBPAo0ihnhUvhKej7KCT8f

Problems arising from improper installation might result in leaks from:

  • Incorrectly placed shingles
  • Misplaced or missing fasteners
  • Underdriven, overdriven and crooked fasteners
  • Misapplied flashing or seals

Step-by-Step Residential Roof Repair

The prospect of dealing with a roof repair is less daunting when the process is analyzed step by step, from diagnosing the problem to completing the repair and cleaning up afterward.

Detecting and Diagnosing the DamageFTG4NzBwvG9A23MQZ9HEuRPBJsNZtFYmb INY93bQLRXMluixsAGTrSP UckG0aHIHY67wMytXvq9H5DSMDrKZLsyXEOhTdea tITbxL2pYNEXG Dhebw AsovRBB6CbGwj0fBj3

Some kinds of roof damage are more visible than others. When a tree branch crashes through the roof, the damage is evident. However, surface damage may be invisible to the casual observer when a small leak saturates sheathing to the point that it gets soft and begins to rot.

A certified roof inspector knows where to look for all kinds of leaks. This roofing professional can detect and diagnose every kind of roof damage.

Get Roof Repair Estimates

First, you’ll want to identify some reputable local roofing companies that do residential roof repairs in Bergen County, New Jersey. Ask neighbors, friends and co-workers for referrals. Take a look at online ratings. Visit the contractors’ websites to look at customer testimonials. Only invite companies that can send certified roof inspectors out to your home because these trained professionals are skilled at diagnosing the true extent of the roof damage.

Compare written estimates and ask the various roofers about any discrepancies. For example, one roofer might miss damage to the sub-roofing, while another might want to do more work than is actually necessary. Make sure your roofer can explain these differences.

Soliciting multiple bids will expose those that are unusually low or high. Sometimes, a roofer eager for work will provide a very low estimate and utilize low-quality materials and perform low-quality work. When a bid is unusually high, it may signal that a contractor is seeking an excessive profit, or that they really don’t want the job.

After you select a roofing contractor, enter into a written agreement that clearly states the full cost.

Schedule the Work

A good local roofing company will work with you to schedule your roof repair at a time that is convenient for you. This is particularly important when the repair is more extensive. Weather may occasionally delay a project. It is important for a roofing contractor to perform work in a way that does not allow excess moisture into the roof’s substructure.

Complete the Repair

There are a number of things that distinguish expert repairs from marginal ones. Simply put, you want high work completed with high-quality materials and professional expertise. Many times, a roofer faces the task of matching new shingles to existing ones. This can prove challenging when the current shingles have been discontinued, or when long-term fading makes color matching more demanding.

Roof repairs must be completed to the same high standards as roof replacements. The removal of damaged roofing must be completed with care, and the installation of new roofing materials must be precise. It is vital that all roofing products be installed to high standards, reducing the likelihood of future issues. For example, the placement of fasteners must be consistent with manufacturer specifications.

Post-project Clean-up

A residential roof repair in Bergen County is not complete until the crew has completed the cleanup. You don’t want to find stray fasteners or pieces of old shingles after the crew’s departure. While clean-up is minimal after a few shingles are replaced, it is a more significant matter when a roof repair involves the replacement of sheathing or framing.

Special Case: Insurance Claims

When residential roof repairs in Bergen County happen due to weather-related events, homeowner’s insurance may pay the bill, less the deductible. Coverage may be affected by whether your homeowner’s policy provides full coverage or pro-rated coverage. Also, roof repairs due to simple aging are typically not covered. Contact your insurance agent to better understand the provisions of your policy.

It is reassuring to work with a roofing contractor who is familiar with the claims process, particularly when an adjuster overlooks some aspect of the damage. Some roofing contractors, like CRS, have employees that are also licensed insurance adjusters to ensure consistency and top-level service.

Contact CRS for Your Roofing Needs

CRS is a full-service roofing contractor that has served area homeowners since 1977. In addition to residential roof repairs in Bergen County, we also offer periodic roof inspections, routine maintenance and full roof replacements.

GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, has recognized our expertise by designating us as a Master Elite Contractor. Fewer than one in 30 U.S. roofing companies achieve this distinction. We have also been designated as an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, which makes us part of an exclusive network of roofing professionals, held to the highest standards for reliability and professionalism.

For further assistance, or to schedule a visit with our certified roof inspector, please contact us today!

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CRS provides full-service roofing including residential roof repair and replacement services, siding installation and replacement, regular roof maintenance, solar shingle installation, and more to homeowners in northern New Jersey from Bergen County to Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. We are local, experienced, and factory-certified by trusted industry names like GAF and Owens Corning. The experienced team at CRS would welcome the opportunity to serve you with the same level of customer service we’ve provided to thousands of other New Jersey homeowners since 1977. We also offer commercial roofing services to the tri-state area and have been trusted by local business owners to keep their employees and businesses safe through all seasons. 



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