Why Fast Roof Replacement Is Never the Answer for Your NJ Home

When homeowners have an issue with or damage to their roof, they may be fearful and confused. Without a trusted local roofer, homeowners may fall victim to a variety of unscrupulous tactics some roofers use to take advantage of people who are looking for a fast roof replacement.

These fly-by-night roofers prey on various fears, like the idea that roof damage, real or imagined, is putting a home in jeopardy. They often target older properties, a high percentage of senior citizens, or neighborhoods hit by recent storms.

When having a roof replacement at your home, homeowners should always avoid a fast roof replacement in NJ. Instead, homeowners should take the time to get a proper quote from a trusted professional and take the time to research each company, read reviews, and make an informed decision.

Common Homeowner Mistakes with fast roof replacements

First of all, if your roof has serious damage, don’t panic. Scared homeowners may be taken advantage of by untrustworthy contractors. When it comes to a fast roof replacement in NJ, particularly from out-of-town companies, the simple advice is, “Don’t do it!” As with most things, a quick fix is not the answer.

If you have an emergency situation, it is better to have a local, reputable roofing contractor temporarily secure your damaged roof with tarps and bracing, as needed. A knowledgeable roofer knows how to keep the elements out until the final work can be completed with quality materials installed correctly.

Pre-Screening Roofers With the Wrong Questions

When you need a roof replacement quickly, you should still do the proper due diligence on each company you are considering. Part of the way to avoid the problems common with fast roof replacement in NJ is by asking the right questions on the phone before you invite any contractors to visit your home and submit bids. Here are some good questions to work into the conversation:

  • Are you certified by a major manufacturer? If so, which one?
  • How much liability insurance do you carry, and can you provide proof of insurance?
  • What is your legal business name?
  • Who will be on the job site during the installation?

Not Continuing Due Diligence

A phone screening helps you weed out less reputable and less capable roofers. But you should also check their website, ratings on Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, and Better Business Bureau. It is important to note that problem contractors often:

  • Lack manufacturer certifications
  • Don’t offer local references
  • Have little or no internet presence
  • Fail to use quality materials
  • Don’t provide highly experienced, supervised labor

Once you narrow it down to a few contractors who seem promising, confirm their licensing, proof of insurance and manufacturer certifications. Ask for recent, local references and check internet reviews and testimonials.

Since an active local roofer will have already completed dozens or even hundreds of residential roof projects in your area, references and testimonials should be easy to come by.

Roofers working on a roof correctly, rather than a fast roof replacement in NJ

Watch Out for Low Starting Bids

Given the cost of a full roof replacement, it is all too tempting for a homeowner to jump at an inexplicably low “starting bid.” Suspect roofers may quote a low starting price merely to get the job.

However, once the work gets underway, they may continue to find reasons to raise the price. For example, the roofer may claim to have discovered “unanticipated” problems with your roof, or he may claim “fluctuating” materials costs require price adjustments.

Therefore, always be suspicious of any estimate out of line with the others. Only sign a roofing contract with all materials and labor costs included in one price. A local roofing contractor certified by a major roofing manufacturer like GAF will not risk its reputation and certification by cheating customers.

Common Contractor Mistakes with fast roof replacements

In an effort to complete a fast roof replacement in NJ, certain roofing contractors do things that do not serve the consumer, like using pressure sales tactics, skimping on materials, or using unqualified labor.

Mistakes With Sales Tactics

Often, contractors make the mistake of engaging in pressure sales tactics. For example, out-of-town roofers may go door-to-door claiming they see roof damage the homeowners themselves never noticed, particularly after a storm.

They’ll often ask to take a closer look by climbing up on the roof. Then, they provide the homeowner with a grim assessment of alleged serious damage and may even recommend a full roof replacement when none is called for.

As a homeowner, there are two ways to prevent these high-pressure situations. First, don’t let a stranger on your roof. Second, don’t proceed with a roofing project without getting multiple estimates. Fast roof replacement in northern NJ is often a costly mistake because homeowners don’t take the time to get multiple opinions.

Mistakes With Materials

Sometimes, to reduce cost and improve profits, a contractor skimps on the quality of shingles, underlayment and other roofing components. A roof replacement performed with inferior products may look fine at the beginning but, over the long term, the roof will fail to perform as expected and will have a reduced lifespan, resulting in additional unexpected costs.

Fast roof replacement in nj can often leave unknown issues under the shingles

Mistakes With Labor

Finally, a roof replacement requires appropriate attention to detail, so the new shingles and other roofing components are perfectly integrated into the existing home. Poorly placed fasteners, the wrong flashing, or inadequate caulking can lead to premature roof failure, resulting in additional cost over the long term.

When a roof is damaged or deteriorating for any reason, it takes a competent, honest roofing contractor to assess the damage and to prescribe the right solution. Shoddy work from disreputable roofers leaves you vulnerable to future roofing issues. When it comes to replacing your roof, it’s far better to do it just one time, the right way. It may take longer in the beginning, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

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