Your Complete Guide to Commercial Roofing in NJ

When it comes to running a business, it is essential to rely on partners and allies for areas outside of your expertise. A top-notch commercial roofing contractor who teams up with you to protect and preserve your roof and your building is vital for property owners.
A property owner often wants to build a long-term relationship with a single contractor who can be trusted to properly perform everything from routine maintenance and emergency repairs to total roof replacements when the time comes.
A qualified commercial roofer should offer all vital services, including repairs, roof removal, re-roofing, regular service work, inspections, and maintenance programs. A full-service roofing contractor should also have the technical and design expertise to tackle the unique challenges your roof may face, like chronic drainage problems and premature roof failures.

Emergency Commercial Roofing Repairs

Every minute of downtime is lost revenue for your business. When the need arises for emergency roof repairs, a highly responsive roofing contractor is essential. While often not considered until there is an emergency, having a trusted commercial roofing contractor available for immediate repairs is vital to reducing potential business downtime.
In the Tri-State area, there are several common causes of emergency repairs. High winds can lift or tear off portions of a roof, and punctures or other breaches caused by fallen branches or wind-blown debris may allow water to invade the roof’s substructure and even the building’s interior. In the winter, heavy snow and ice buildup may cause sudden leaks or partial roof collapses. All of these issues could put your business continuity in jeopardy.
A reputable commercial roofing company will be on the scene quickly, providing emergency tarping and patching to protect your building until it is possible to complete the permanent repairs your roof needs.

Non-Emergency Commercial Roofing Repairs

When leaks occur in aging or improperly installed roofs, prompt repairs are necessary. While these may not be emergency repairs, any issues must be addressed quickly and to manufacturer specifications to meet warranty requirements.
Occasionally, seams on membrane roofs can open. If the membrane itself is still in good shape, seam restoration may be the most cost-effective solution. Damaged and worn flashings may also cause leaks. These flashings are the transition points where the horizontal and vertical parts of the roof meet. Breaches in the roof can also be caused by HVAC or other contractors moving equipment across the membrane without the proper care.
A trusted commercial roofing contractor will work with you to ensure your roof is well-maintained and all repairs are completed to the proper standards to take advantage of your roof’s warranty.
Technician inspecting damage to commercial roofing

Commercial Roofing Removal and Replacement

When aging roofs become too expensive to maintain, severe damage is too extensive or deteriorating materials lead to multiple leaks, a commercial roof will need to be removed and replaced. Often, multiple leaks lead to trapped moisture. Trapped moisture results in the severe deterioration of roofing, flashings, and fasteners, as well as potentially the sub-roofing material and insulation, which may need to be replaced in addition to the roof.
Businesses with older modified bitumen or tar and gravel roofs often look for a modern, more energy-efficient roof with lower maintenance costs. These single-ply membrane roofing systems are durable, low maintenance, and more energy-efficient.
There are a variety of membrane roofing systems available, including TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). These systems can often be installed right over the existing roof, reducing labor and landfill disposal costs.
In addition to the durability and ease of installation, these light-colored membranes reflect more sunlight, keeping the roof much cooler, saving money on energy costs.
Today, many businesses are committed to green operations, which reduce carbon emissions. In some cases, a light-colored roof will also help meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) objectives. Every type of membrane offers advantages, and a reputable commercial roofing contractor will help you determine the right roof for your unique situation.

Technicians installing a membrane commercial roofing system

Commercial Roofing Service Work

Regular service work protects the substantial investment you have in your commercial roof. Annual roof inspections and special inspections following severe storms identify roof problems before they become worse. Inspections by expert, highly trained commercial roof technicians will reveal evidence of:

  • Leaks
  • Ponding water
  • Trapped moisture
  • Punctures
  • Open seams
  • Damaged flashings
  • Corroded fasteners

Highly trained technicians can detect leaks and trapped moisture with thermal moisture scans. A general visual inspection may not find these leaks and trapped moisture, which results in larger issues in the future. Undetected moisture intrusion may lead to deteriorating sub-roofing, wet insulation and even mold. When these inspections reveal problems early on, the repair costs and business disruptions are minimized.
In addition to regular inspections, as more businesses turn to rooftop solar to reduce energy costs, installation issues arise. Qualified experts from commercial roofing firms can help plan for solar installations, preserving the roof’s integrity and averting potential damage.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Programs

Successful businesses understand the importance of proactive planning. An excellent commercial roofing maintenance program is a proactive strategy that protects your real estate investment. Such a program includes the routine inspection of seams and flashings, drain cleanings, debris removal.
Regularly scheduled maintenance limits the development of more severe issues that are costly to resolve. A customized roof maintenance program is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof and get more value.

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