How to Know You Found the Best Roofing Specialists in NJ

When a problem with your roof occurs, where do you turn? If you don’t already have an established relationship with a reputable roofer, it’s time to do a little research. A great deal is at stake when you’re protecting your home and the substantial investment you have made.

Whether you are in need of a roof repair or replacement, you undoubtedly have a number of key goals. You’re looking for proper work that is priced right, a smooth and efficient process and you want to make sure the roofer will be around to address any future issues with your roof.

Given the importance of your roof, consider the following aspects of a roofing company to ensure you hire the right roofing specialist for the job.

Prompt and Accommodating Roofing Specialists

Homeowners always prefer highly responsive, customer-focused contractors for their home maintenance and home improvement needs. This is certainly true for an all-important roof replacement designed to protect your home investment for years to come.

It is important that any company that provides home improvement or remodeling services do what they promised. The best roofing specialists will offer advice, provide materials and arrive on time.

It is also ideal to work with a roofing contractor with roots in the community. Once you’ve decided it is time for a roof replacement, you don’t want to wait weeks to see the project completed. Consider a company that is reliable and close by to provide professional and prompt service now and in the future.

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Fully Licensed, Insured and Certified

Proper insurance coverage guarantees that a homeowner does not have to worry about liability issues in the event of a mishap, however unlikely. If your roofing contractor has the proper workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, you can feel assured that you’re working with a reliable business.

Reputable roofing companies will also have proper licensing that is required by the state. Your specialist should verify that the company’s license is current.

Professional roofing contractors usually possess certifications from one or more of the major shingle manufacturers, like GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning. These manufacturers certify roofers they can consistently trust to properly install their products. When a manufacturer provides a homeowner with a warranty spanning many years, certified roofing specialists are the homeowner’s most valuable resource.

Clear Estimates and No Hidden Fees

It is important to get estimates from multiple roofing specialists for price comparisons. Some estimates will be clear and straightforward, while others may have hidden fees.

An estimate for a roof replacement, removal or repair is only valuable if the roofer is open and honest. By asking for multiple estimates from various companies, you will be able to gauge whether the companies you’ve chosen provide straightforward, honest work.  

Open and Transparent Approach

Homeowners with active lives and multiple day-to-day responsibilities deserve a stress-free experience with a capable roofer. An experienced roofing contractor who is open and transparent in all dealings provides peace of mind.

You know you’ve found the best roofing specialist when he/she is confident about his or her services and the price has nothing to hide.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

You’ll want to hire a true roofing specialist who offers a full array of services so that your roofing contractor can deal with anything that may happen in the years to come. It is important that your roofer offers routine annual maintenance that keeps your roof in optimal shape.

A true full-service local roofing contractor has the resources to respond if your roof is ever damaged by severe weather events. A local roofer with experience working with insurance adjusters is also very valuable in such situations.

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When Your Roof Project Is Complete

The ideal roofing specialist will be ready to help you long-term. It is far easier to maintain confidence in a community-based roofing company with a long history serving area homeowners. Additionally, homeowners want to establish a long-term relationship with a roofing company that offers important follow-up services like periodic roof inspections.

There’s no better way to ensure that your new roof remains in good shape, and no better way to keep your warranty in force than to have it routinely inspected on an annual or semi-annual basis. Periodic inspections reveal minor damage. Routine cleaning promotes proper drainage and keeps your roof looking good as well.

Should high winds, ice dams or falling tree limbs threaten the integrity of your roof, you want to know that help is a just a quick call away. If you have an established relationship with a local roofer, you’ll know who to call for an inspection following a bad storm. If there’s an insurance claim, it’s reassuring to know you have a roofer ready and willing to assist with the claims process.

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