Roofing Companies Making Use of Mobile and Digital Technology

Understandably, today’s homeowners are increasingly using mobile technology to search for roofing services. At the same time, progressive roofing contractors understand that digital solutions, in the office and out in the field, promote efficiency and improve customer service.

Homeowners with busy lives who are suddenly confronted by roofing problems want to move quickly. Roofing contractors with easy-to-use, mobile-friendly websites are better positioned to provide quick assistance when roofing emergencies occur.

Smartphones and Roofing Services

Although millennials and smartphones go hand-in-hand, it is not only this group of younger adults who use smartphones to manage their lives nowadays. Homeowners of all ages increasingly expect the convenience inherent in completing roof-related tasks via their mobile devices. These tasks include:

  • Looking for local roofing companies in NJ.
  • Comparing online reviews and testimonials.
  • Scheduling inspections and estimates.
  • Communicating with the chosen roofer throughout the project.
  • Scheduling follow-up home roof inspections and future emergency services.

Responsive Websites

Ideally, a modern 21st-century roofing contractor will have a variety of important qualities built into a customer-friendly website.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

A roofing website optimized for smartphones is often a sign of a roofer focused on customer needs. Since more than half of searches using Google now come from mobile devices, it is vital for roofing contractors to make their websites easy to use on such devices. Since there are many different mobile phone and tablet formats, it is important for websites to automatically adjust to optimize user experiences.

Tap to Call

Prospective roofing customers value easy-to-use features on mobile sites. One of the simplest is one-touch calling. Homeowners with an urgent roofing issue want to get through to expert staff as quickly as possible.

A convenient tap-to-call feature sends a signal that the contractor values the homeowner. Once a person with roofing issues uses tap-to-call once, it is likely he will plan to use it for a series of quick calls to local roofers. Contractors who do not offer this feature may be eliminated from the process.

Mobile Forms

In other situations, property owners want to get the ball rolling in a simple yet discreet way. For many, quickly filling out a contact form online is the perfect way to initiate contact from work. It is ideal to have a space on the form for a homeowner to describe the nature of the problem.

In particular, millennials are already comfortable using online forms to arrange for virtually everything in their lives. A potential customer may very well see an easy-to-use contact form as evidence that the roofer respects her or her time.

So, what do non-responsive websites look like? Sites not properly optimized for phones and tablets will display the same page on small mobile screens that they do on large computer screens, resulting in tiny, unintelligible print.

Users will have to “pinch” the screen to enlarge it and they can only read a portion of a line at a time. Few homeowners with an immediate need for roofing assistance will be patient with such a tedious process.

Software and Insurance Claims

Many roofing projects involve insurance claims. If a roofing company or estimator makes the effort to use software consistent with what the insurance companies use, both the homeowner and the roofing contractor benefit.

For the most effective claims processing, a roofing contractor must speak the language of the insurer. In today’s world, this requires a familiarity with the digital methods the insurance companies now use almost exclusively. In fact, insurers are more likely to promptly process a claim submitted in an appropriate format.

Efficiency of CRM Software

Just as roofing companies in NJ must embrace new tools and better-engineered products, they must also embrace the latest apps and digital technology. Any roofer still shuffling reams of paper, file folders and job jackets in and out of filing cabinets is likely to be less efficient and more prone to error.

A progressive roofing company uses up-to-date digital customer relationship management (CRM) software to track all aspects of the customer-business relationship, from start to finish. It streamlines the whole process. This helps reduce roofer overhead, which often translates into more competitive estimates. A unified, digital approach reduces time-consuming errors and it improves overall customer service.

Once all the pertinent customer information is entered into the CRM, tasks are readily assigned and projects are easily tracked. The right CRM software allows for seamless communication between employees in the office and supervisors in the field.

Progressive roofing companies in NJ that have responsive, mobile-friendly websites and that track customers and projects with a good CRM system are better positioned to provide the prompt, value-driven service that today’s tech-savvy homeowners have come to expect.

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