4 Questions Roofing and Siding Contractors in NJ Should Answer

Roofing and siding contractors are not something that most homeowners in northern NJ need frequently. When you do need a trusted roofing or siding contractor, it can be difficult to think of the right questions to ask as you’re vetting contractors. Because we want you to have the right questions and feel comfortable with the contractor you choose, we’ve compiled this list of the 4 top questions to ask roofing and siding contractors.

4 Questions for Roofing and Siding Contractors

In your search for a reputable and reliable contractor, these questions will help you focus on important things like factory certifications, insurance and warranties. They also focus on a contractor’s product knowledge and design assistance abilities, to give you a well-rounded picture of what to expect from the contractor.

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1. What recommendations can you make regarding the right brands and materials for my home?

A roofing and siding contractor in NJ should give you unbiased recommendations about the right brands and materials for your home. Your best bet is a contractor that works with and is certified by, various manufacturers. Learning about the top roofing and siding products available from leading manufacturers can reassure you that the contractor is keeping up with the most recent trends and materials.

Every home has different siding and roofing needs. A contractor needs to be well-versed in the various roofing and siding materials available and right for your region. Likewise, every part of a roof system is important. In order for the roof to perform properly for many years to come, you need the right shingles, underlayment, sheathing, flashing and vents for your unique situation.

The contractor you choose must also know how to address specific problems. A homeowner with ice damming on the roof will want to learn about special ice and water barriers that can mitigate these issues. One who has dealt with dark streaking on the roof will want to know more about algae protection.

Likewise, your exterior walls need the right combination of siding, housewrap, and insulation to perform at their best. A knowledgeable contractor describes the advantages of different siding materials. Vinyl, fiber cement, and composite siding have different characteristics that are beneficial in different situations.

A capable local contractor knows how to design a wall system with good drainage and insulating properties that will meet your needs and is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Additionally, with new products coming to market frequently, it is vital that the roofing and siding contractor you choose stays up-to-date to provide you with a recommendation for the best products for your home.

2. What kinds of certifications does your business hold?

Factory and manufacturer certification of roofing and siding contractors in New Jersey is the mark of a quality contractor. Certifications by leading companies like GAF and Owens Corning are a sign that a contractor can be trusted. Why? Manufacturers have rigorous standards that they apply to contractors that carry their certifications.

When a manufacturer warranties a new roof for decades, they want to ensure that all aspects of the installation were completed to their specifications. A factory-certified contractor must rely on experienced, well-trained and safety-conscious workers to ensure all points of the installation are performed correctly.

If a roofing and siding contractor holds these certifications, you can trust that they’ll complete the work professionally, and to the proper standards.

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3. What kind of warranty and insurance does your business provide?

This question relates to the previous one. A factory-certified contractor is well-positioned to offer the best warranties a manufacturer has. For example, the Owens Corning Platinum Protection Warranty includes a “Tru-Protection” period. This special warranty period lasts 50 years. The company provides coverage for both labor and materials during that time.

The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty also includes special features including full coverage on a complete roofing system for 50 years. These warranties are only available to homeowners who have their roof installed by an Owens Corning or GAF certified contractor.

According to New Jersey law, every home improvement contractor must have commercial liability insurance. The NJ HIC Registration Act requires at least $500,000 worth of coverage. Unfortunately, this amount is not always adequate in every situation. In an extreme case, a claim might exceed the amount of insurance. In such a scenario, your homeowner’s policy could even come into play.

It’s ideal to look for an established local contractor who has more insurance than the minimum. NJ law also requires that your contractor have proper workers’ compensation insurance.

A roofing or siding contractor that skirts the law by failing to carry the proper amount of insurance or workers’ comp, will likely choose lesser quality materials, may not hire the best crews, and likely will do a worse job on your home.

4. What help can you offer in matching match products with my home’s architectural style and my personal preferences?

From time to time, we all notice homes where something’s off. Colors or textures don’t harmonize. Architectural elements are inconsistent. Perhaps there’s older siding or roofing that is not aging well.

Your contractor should do more than install building products. The company you choose should have local knowledge and expertise to recommend the right products. A good contractor understands how important it is to offer design services in addition to simply installing roofing and siding. A reputable, local company also understands that its reputation depends on long-term customer satisfaction and will ensure you are satisfied with the project and will work with you to address any concerns.

A capable roofing and siding contractor in NJ helps you identify the perfect building products for your situation. These products should be consistent with the architectural style of the home and your personal preferences to ensure your home looks cohesive and is something you are proud to come home to every day.

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