Pironne Residence


Franklin Lakes, NJ

Existing Condition:

20 year old roof with no leaks

Price of Job:


Size of Roof:

3,300 square feet

Scope of Work:

  • Tarp Roof
  • Remove roof check wood, replace as needed
  • Install Owens Corning Weatherlock Ice and Water Shield a minimum of 3’ on all eaves, in all valleys and around all roof penetrations
  • Apply Pro Armor Advanced underlayment over the roof
  • Install F 4-1/2” drip edge along the entire perimeter of all roof sections
  • Install Owens Corning Starter Strip Plus starter shingles along all rakes and eaves
  • Contractor will install step flashing anywhere the roof meets an adjacent structure
  • Install new Owens Corning Duration fiberglass roof shingles
  • Install Owens Corning Pro Edge hip & ridge caps along all hips & ridges
  • Replace any vent pipe collars with new “No Caulk” type collars
  • Replace any louvered vents
  • Install new Ridge Venting System using Owens Corning Vent Sure Ridge Vent
  • Contractor to flash chimney with new Copper Sheet Metal
  • Contractor to counter flash all stucco walls with Aluminum Trim Coil
  • Contractor will clean out all gutters and leaders and make sure that they are secured to the fascia board


Golden Pledge Warranty. Lifetime on the roofing system and 25 year labor and workmanship warranty.

Type of Home:

Large home


October 2018

Protect Your Property's Most Important Asset