What Shingle is Right for Your Home Roof Repair in Passaic County?

When a roof repair is complete, the repaired area needs to reasonably match the existing roof system. The right shingles make this possible.

Shingle matching is more straightforward when a whole slope of a roof is replaced since the existing shingles are separated from the new ones by breaks like hips, ridges and valleys.

Visibility is also a factor. The slopes of different roofs are relatively more or less visible due to pitch and architectural design. For example, certain surfaces of a sawtooth or butterfly roof are often less visible than those of traditional hip, gable, gambrel or mansard roofs. In all cases, your roofing contractor still needs to skillfully blend the old and the new.

Roof Repair Process

residential roofer passaic countyThe need for a roof repair often arises when a leak occurs or a roof inspection reveals a problem. Since the roof repair process is sometimes complex and even dangerous, the use of experienced, safety-trained technicians is always recommended.

A successful roof repair requires attention to damage to materials other than the shingles themselves. For example, the felt or other underlayment needs to be replaced when damaged. Sometimes, leaks may damage the wood sheathing and framing. Since shingles must be applied to a sound surface, any rotting wood must be replaced.

Before a residential roof repair can begin, consideration must be given to the kind of shingles that will be used.

Matching Current Shingles

Of course, new shingles need to resemble the existing ones so the repair is not a distraction in the future. Whenever possible, you want the new shingles in a roof repair to blend in with the rest of your roof as much as possible.

A skilled and experienced residential roofer in Passaic County knows enough about the innumerable designs to help you even when your existing shingles have been discontinued. The more extensive the repair, the more critical the matching process becomes.

Careful matching for both color and design is important in a market where there are so many different looks. Many residential roofs in Passaic County are either covered with three-tab or architectural shingles. Proper matching is important since one style is thicker than the other.

Three-tab shingles

When many people first think about asphalt shingles, they visualize the three-tab variety, and for good reason. For many years, this design dominated the market. Although the thicker, more dimensional architectural shingle is now more common, regular three-tab shingles come in handy for repairs on roofs already covered with them.

Architectural shingles

residential roofer passaic countyArchitectural shingles, also known as dimensional shingles, are by far the most common type in today’s market. There are different varieties; some have a more textured appearance while others are smooth. You can find shingles designed to mimic the appearance of wood shakes, for example. Some, like GAF’s Designer Series, are cut at different angles to provide a more three-dimensional look.

There are also shingles with specially designed granules that reflect more of the sun’s light. This results in cooler roof surface temperatures. Highly reflective shingles, like GAF’s Timberline Cool Series, may also reduce cooling costs. In fact, the Cool Roof Rating Council says cool roofs can reduce average cooling costs by seven to 15 percent.

Shingle Quality

Once you’ve selected a reputable residential roofer in Passaic County, you’ll want to favor quality products as well. Shingles on Passaic County roofs must withstand weather extremes. Rooftop surface temperatures can soar to 160 degrees or higher under the hot summer sun only to drop below zero during winter cold waves. Wind-driven rain and heavy snow also assault local roofs on a regular basis.

The best shingles tend to remain flexible and retain their protective granules under the harshest conditions. The best shingles also feature special temperature-resistant adhesives that keep them laying flat in extreme winds. For example, GAF Timberline and Designer shingles are warrantied to resist winds of up to 130 mph.

Roofs covered by organic shingles are a special case. While today’s shingles typically include a fiberglass mat sandwiched between layers of asphalt, organic shingles use a cellulose mat made up of felt, recycled paper or cardboard. Problems with the cellulose mat ended production of most organic shingles about a decade ago.

First, as they age, cellulose mats tend to dry out and become more vulnerable to moisture. This may lead to serious distortion when the shingles get wet. Second, as they age, they tend to curl more since they are not as heat-resistant as fiberglass.

Although some suppliers stockpiled organic shingles in anticipation of future repair needs, matching is increasingly difficult. If your organic shingle roof requires repair, you’ll usually want to use reasonably matched fiberglass shingles.

Contact CRS for Professional Assistance

Since 1977, Complete Roofing Systems (CRS) has served homeowners throughout northern New Jersey. Our motto has always been, “Do it once, and do it right.” A quality residential roof repair in Passaic County requires the best materials installed by well-trained, highly experienced technicians. A roof repair done right will give you the peace of mind you want and deserve.

We’d welcome the opportunity to send our certified roof inspector to your home to assess your roofing needs. Please contact us today to schedule a visit!

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