Some of the best power washing companies in NJ are full-service home improvement contractors. These contractors are more likely to be more knowledgeable about every aspect of what is being cleaned. They understand the full lifecycle of roofing, siding, decks, drives and more. They protect your investment from installation and repair to cleaning and maintenance.

A full-service contractor that’s power washing your home’s exterior and other surfaces can watch for evidence of damage, and are more likely to notice when problems arise before a company that just focuses on power washing would. This type of NJ contractor has the ability to perform repairs when needed.

It’s great to have a single contractor you can call on for both routine and emergency services. Life’s easier once you find that trustworthy contractor who can meet various needs as the years go on. When you use such a company, you can make one call for power washing, routine maintenance, roof replacements and siding installations.

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The Right Equipment

The best power washing companies in NJ invest a substantial amount in high-quality equipment that:

  • Has the capacity to get the job done effectively and efficiently
  • Delivers water under a wide variety of pressures
  • Includes stocks of various cleaning agents needed to deal with different residential surfaces

Straight pressure washing is appropriate for some jobs. Others require the right mix of chemicals for good results. Cleaners remove dirt, degreasers dissolve oily and greasy stains and disinfectants kill a variety of organisms. Wetting agents give the chemicals more time to take effect. Specifically, sodium hypochlorite is a bio-degradable stain remover and disinfectant. Sodium hydroxide is an effective degreaser. Citric acid is popular for cleaning concrete drives and wood decks.

Finally, nozzle setups needed for broad, flat surfaces like siding may be quite different from those required for spot cleaning gum off of a sidewalk.

Experienced, Disciplined Technicians

You also need a reputable contractor, one whose technicians will not exceed recommended PSI just to get the job done quicker. Power washing companies in NJ cannot clean all surfaces the same way. For example, they must distinguish between porous siding like stucco and non-porous siding like vinyl. In general, porous surfaces are more vulnerable to excessive water pressure.

Power washing specialists know how to protect landscaping. There are a variety of ways to guard against plant damage:

  • Use eco-friendly cleaners
  • Cover plants with tarps
  • Wet the plants during and/or after application of cleaning agents

Power washing companies must make allowance for hotter and colder weather. For example, consider an asphalt shingle roof on a hot day. To avoid excessive evaporation, It may be necessary to wet the surface before the application of cleaning agents. When temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is important to avoid the use of hot water that could warp certain surfaces.

Commitment to the Community

Some of the top power washing companies in NJ have served local communities for decades. Contractors that have been around for a long time are more likely to be there when you need them in the future.

Many northern NJ homeowners find it reassuring to work with a local, full-service contractor with a stellar reputation. They know who to call for gutter cleaning, roof inspections, siding repairs and more.

Established Reputation

You’re also more likely to find the best power washing companies in NJ when you look for local contractors with established reputations. These local companies care about their reputations. They understand that quality services priced right are good for business. Such practices produce happy customers and positive recommendations.

Ask your neighbors, friends and work associates for referrals. Even if they didn’t use a home improvement contractor for power washing, they may still have an opinion. They might have feelings about what it’s like to work with a full-service contractor also providing power washing services. NJ homeowners can also study customer comments on review sites. They can read testimonials on contractor sites to further inform decisions.

Finally, ask for references. An active local contractor should be able to give you references for work done over the past year or two. Beware of out-of-date information. References don’t age like fine wine.

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Factory Certifications

There is no factory certification process for power washing services. However, factory certifications still tell you a lot about the companies you are considering. Manufacturers like GAF and Owens Corning show trust when they certify a local contractor. Contractors must maintain stringent customer service standards to keep their certifications.

Proper Insurance

Full-service home improvement contractors must meet state liability insurance and workers compensation insurance requirements.

It is true that power washing does not pose the same risks to workers and passersby that major projects do. A full roof replacement would be one example. However, liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance exist for a reason. As a homeowner, you don’t want to expose yourself to claims on your homeowner’s policy, no matter how unlikely.

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