Protect and Power Your Home with Solar Shingles

CRS is certified and approved by GAF Energy to offer their state-of-the-art solar shingles. These new shingles offer homeowners an innovative and low-profile alternative to traditional solar panels.

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These durable solar shingles provide similar energy efficiency and production to traditional solar panels, providing long-lasting value, reducing your home energy costs and environmental impact for many years to come. Plus, the 25-year warranty offers peace of mind that your home is protected for many years to come.

These solar shingles are professionally installed by our certified roofing experts during the roofing process, reducing labor time and costs compared to traditional solar panels. Plus, you only need to schedule one appointment with CRS: no need for back and forth with multiple companies.

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What are Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are a modern update to bulky and unsightly solar panels. These GAF Energy solar shingles stand up to the harshest weather New Jersey has to offer and bring years of energy savings. 

These contemporary shingles offer a modern look to complement any home, increasing your home’s value and saving you money over time.

Why choose GAF Energy Solar Shingles?

GAF Energy solar shingles offer an all-in-one alternative to traditional rooftop solar panels. The innovative design offers a simplified installation process, integrating directly into the roof. This results in fewer leaks than traditional, bulky solar panels. And, since they are integrated with the rest of the shingles, you only need to make one call to CRS.


Why should I choose GAF Energy solar shingles?

GAF Energy solar shingles integrate seamlessly with your existing roof. They are also more durable, easier to install, and provide similar energy output as traditional solar panels.

Are GAF Energy solar shingles compatible with my existing roofing materials?

GAF Energy solar shingles are designed to be compatible with various roofing materials such as asphalt, tile, and metal. We can assess your specific roof structure and determine whether GAF solar shingles are suitable for your home.

What is the lifetime of GAF Energy solar shingles and is there a warranty?

GAF Energy solar shingles typically have a life span of 25-30 years, similar to traditional solar panels. The warranty for GAF Energy solar shingles is 25 years, which is significantly higher than traditional solar panels, which typically have a 5-year penetration and 10-year workmanship warranty.

Are there tax-incentives for installing solar shingles?

Depending on where you’re located, there may be federal, state, and local tax incentives or rebates available for solar installations, including GAF solar shingles. Incentives available in New Jersey include:

Do the GAF Energy solar shingles require any special maintenance?

GAF Energy solar shingles require the same minimal maintenance regular shingles need, such as periodic cleaning and inspection to ensure optimal performance. We can provide guidance on the recommended maintenance schedule and any associated costs.