When you stop to think about it, your roof represents a significant part of your home’s profile. Therefore, your color choice will have a real impact on the look of your property.

Look at it as an exciting opportunity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s your call!

What are the best Owens Corning shingles colors? Well, installing a new roof gives you an opportunity to explore this question and redefine the look and feel of your home. For example, you might want to make a bold statement with a bright, modern color. Or, you might prefer a more muted tone that drives attention to the architectural elements below.

Selecting the Right Owens Corning Shingles Colors

Owens Corning offers many colors from which to choose. Select the one that aligns your home’s curb appeal with your personal preferences. Fortunately, Owens Corning provides tools and advice to help you define your personal style as you select shingles for your home.


Owens Corning partners with design and renovation experts Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak to help you in your quest. You might know them as the co-hosts of HGTV’s “Good Bones.” Check out their style boards to help you harmonize the various exterior colors of your home.


As you choose your Owens Corning shingles colors, do you hope to use a complementary or contrasting color? Use a nifty visualizer tool called DESIGNEyeQ to help you with your decision. Upload a photo of your own home, or use a “virtual” home on the site with an architectural style like yours. Select the Owens Corning shingles you like, and the tool will superimpose them right on the image!

Duration and Duration Designer Series Shingles

Owens Corning offers an unsurpassed collection of colors from classic to contemporary. Duration and Duration Designer shingles are very popular with Tri-State homeowners. Both feature the dynamic TruDefinition color platform.


Select from 15 colors in the TruDefinition Duration Series. The wide color selection of the Designer Series is a real advantage. It makes it easy to find a color that truly complements the architectural style and aesthetics of your home.

Color choices run the gamut from Shasta White to Onyx Black. Choose the bright, multi-hued tones of an Amber, Desert Tan, Quarry Gray, Sierra Gray or Harbor Blue roof. Or, consider a rich, deep color like Terra Cotta or Teak for your northern NJ home. Shasta White is a special Energy Star-rated color designed to reflect more of the sun’s UV rays away from your home.

Duration Designer

The bright, bold and brilliant colors offered in the TruDefinition Duration Designer Series include a wide range of tones. Make a statement with the tonal variations in colors like Aged Copper, Sand Dune, Storm Cloud or Pacific Wave. Or, select the deep, rich tones of Merlot, Black Sable or Sedona Canyon. Whatever the choice, your guests will notice from the moment they pull in the drive.

As you make your color selection, check out the Owens Corning “Color of the Year.” Every year, the company promotes a certain color. Black Sable is the “Color of the Year” for 2019.

Key Advantages of Duration and Duration Designer Shingles

Duration and Duration Designer laminated shingles are both premium roofing products. They counter the threat posed by high winds, intense UV rays and heavy precipitation. They’ll even combat algae streaking. Every one of the Owens Corning shingles colors in the Duration and Duration Designer lines includes the following.

130+ mph wind ratings

Owens Corning’s patented SureNail technology features a reinforced nail strip is built into every shingle. It delivers extra gripping power that holds shingles in place in high winds. Enjoy added durability with Tru-Bond adhesive sealant. It bonds shingles together to form an effective barrier against wind-driven rain and heavy snow. Together, SureNail and Tru-Bond deliver a 130+ mph wind rating.

Limited lifetime warranty protection

Qualify for generous manufacturer warranties when you invest in high-quality Owens Corning shingles. The terms of these warranties meet or exceed those offered by the competition. For example, the available Platinum Protection Warranty offers limited lifetime coverage.

The protection extends to all Owens Corning roofing components. This means underlayment, flashing, ridge vents, ice/water barriers and other parts of your roofing system.

The warranty covers both materials and labor during the initial 50-year “TRU-PROtection Period.” Owens Corning also provides lifetime coverage on workmanship. After 25 years, this coverage is prorated based on the age of the roof.

Only Owens Corning factory-certified contractors can offer such extensive warranty coverage. The company trusts such roofers to faithfully install its products to spec.

StreakGuard algae resistance

Many of those dark streaks you see on northern NJ roofs are from blue-green algae. Fortunately, this algae does not survive contact with copper. Owens Corning engineers developed a special way to infuse shingle granules with copper.

Season after season, the copper delivers important algae resistance. Enjoy those bright and vibrant Owens Corning shingles colors without distracting streaking.

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Reap the benefits of the partnership between CRS and Owens Corning. CRS is factory-certified as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. Platinum Preferred is the top tier of Owens Corning certified contractors.

The manufacturer recognizes the professionalism, unparalleled craftsmanship and reliability of these highly-rated roofing companies.

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