What to Do When You Need a Roof Replacement in NJ

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When there are problems with a residential roof, one of three solutions is possible. It might be best to either repair, re-roof or replace it. Often, a repair will take care of a localized leak. If there’s just one layer of shingles on a roof that is in decent shape, re-roofing is an option. 

If there are multiple layers of shingles on the roof, or if there is widespread damage to the sub-roofing, a full roof replacement is required. The crew tears off existing materials down to the sheathing. They repair any damage to the sub-roofing before installing the new roof.

Reasons for a roof replacement in NJ

In all cases, an inspection by a certified roof inspector is a crucial first step. You want an expert assessment of your roof’s condition. For example, you don’t want a crew to install new shingles over rotting decking or framing. Sometimes, the roof deck deteriorates to the point that the plywood or OSB has to be replaced. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay for more work than is necessary. 

Reasons for roof replacements in NJ can include the following:

Aging of the roof

There are many telltale signs that an aging roof requires replacement. Curling, broken or missing shingles may allow moisture to intrude. Leaks may follow, related to wind-driven rain, ice dams or heavy snow accumulations. 

As asphalt shingles dry out, the granules no longer adhere as they used to. Loose granules accumulating in your gutters are evidence of a growing problem. Shingles lacking those granules are more vulnerable to UV light damage.

Problem roof materials or installation

Not all the reasons for a roof replacement in NJ are age-related. Substandard roofing materials or faulty installation may lead to premature roof failure. For example, various kinds of organic shingles caused extreme roofing problems to occur to the point where they have not been manufactured since 2008. Installation problems also occur. For example, missing or misplaced fasteners make a roof more vulnerable to high winds. Faulty flashing installation may also cause leaks. 

Storm damage

When there’s severe storm damage, get a professional contractor involved without delay. The contractor will evaluate the roof’s condition separate from that of the insurance adjuster. You can then compare what the insurance adjuster and your contractor say.

Home renovations

Perhaps you’re adding another room to your home. Maybe you’re ready for a major home makeover. Remodeling projects often alter the roofline. New skylights, dormers or other alterations make it difficult to integrate the old and the new. It’s often best to include a new roof with your remodeling plans. You improve your home’s curb appeal in the process. 

Increase your home’s marketability

Sometimes, two things converge. It’s time to sell, and your roof is well into its lifecycle. Prospective buyers might hesitate to make an offer on a home where they might have to replace the roof in four, five or six years. You may very well recover much of the cost of a new roof through a higher offer. Or, your home may sell quicker if there’s a transferable warranty on your newer roof. Sometimes, the look and color of the existing roof may appear dated. Select a contemporary color that will brighten your home’s exterior, making it more appealing to the next owner.

Added challenges

Extensive moss growth or large ice dams may shorten the life of a roof. Undetected leaks may cause extensive damage to the sheathing and/or framing. Multiple roof leaks may require replacement of moldy attic insulation or interior drywall.

In all cases, a timely roof replacement reduces the chance of expensive repairs for years to come. 

Cost of a Roof Replacement in NJ

A number of variables will impact the cost of a full roof replacement in NJ, including:

  • Roof size and complexity
  • Quality of materials used
  • The extent of warranty coverage

Fortunately, when you invest in a new roof installed by a reputable contractor, you enhance the value of your home. Data from Remodeling Magazine suggests that, on average, homeowners recover about two-thirds of the cost of a new roof.

There’s another way a roof replacement in NJ delivers returns. It will often be more energy-efficient than the one it replaces. For example, you can make improvements to attic ventilation during installation. Further increase potential energy savings with the addition of rigid insulation, more reflective shingles and/or a radiant barrier. Energy savings may appear modest on an annual basis. However, you may save large sums over the life of an energy-efficient roof replacement in NJ.

If you suspect you are due for a roof replacement, take a step-by-step approach to select a contractor you trust.

  • Seek referrals, ask around
  • Ask about factory certifications
  • Check out contractors’ websites
  • Ask for references

Invite several of the more promising contractors out to your property. Discuss the quality of materials they intend to use. Ask them about any differences between their quote and the others. Only sign an agreement that spells out the approximate start date, payment schedule and warranty details.

Contact CRS Today

Trust the experts at CRS for your roof replacement in NJ. CRS is proud of more than four decades of service to New Jersey homeowners. We are factory certified by both Owens Corning and GAF, two of North America’s largest roofing manufacturers.

Look to CRS for all roofing services. We provide certified inspections, periodic maintenance, soft washing and emergency repairs.

Arrange for a complimentary visit by our certified roof inspector. Please contact us today.

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