Why Estimates Matter When Undergoing Local Roof Repair in NJ

The term “roof repair” can mean very different things in various situations. For example, following a severe storm, there’s quite a difference between repairing a few shingles and replacing a whole section of your roof.

Some repairs are simple and straightforward, while others more complicated. Sometimes, a seemingly innocuous leak is part of a broader problem. For example, unrecognized, long-term moisture infiltration can damage roofing materials beyond the shingles, like underlayment and sheathing. Whatever the circumstances, receiving multiple estimates is an important part of solving your roofing problems.

What Should You Ask Roofing Contractors Before Repair?

As you speak with roofing contractors, ask some or all of these questions.

  • Are you properly licensed and insured?
  • Will you take care of obtaining any required permits?
  • What is your safety record?
  • What materials will be used? Are they high-quality?
  • What are the terms of payment?
  • Can anything potentially change the original quote, and how will this be handled?

Varying Roof Repair EstimatesOpen chimney flashing

Once you’ve spoken to several local roof repair specialists in New Jersey, it is easier to have confidence in the extent of the local roof repair you actually need. You might find that one contractor recommends much more work than another one does. Compare quotes and ask roofers to explain any differences.

One or more contractors might give you a very low or high quote. A low-ball number might be evidence of a roofer eager for work, even if it means doing poor quality work with lesser materials. A higher estimate might include important repairs to the roof’s substructure that others failed to detect. It is far better to address all required repair work upfront than to face extra charges once the crew is already on-site.

However, higher quotes might come from contractors who simply want more profit. Every estimate factors in the cost of materials, the cost of labor and the markup (profit). Differences in profit motive may cause estimates to vary. For example, a local, reputable roofer might be willing to accept a more modest profit because the roofer sees the potential in turning a satisfied client into a long-term customer. Such a contractor is often motivated to provide an estimate that is fair and reasonable.

Differences of opinion

Some local roof repair needs in New Jersey are more self-evident than others. For example, repair of a broken flashing or a cracked vent boot might quickly resolve a leak. However, repairs to an aging roof may cause a debate, even among professionals, as to how extensive the work should be. This is why it is so important to determine whether a leak is the result of an isolated problem or more general deterioration.

Estimates may also vary when one contractor recommends that an entire roof slope get new shingles while another one only recommends simple patching. Either approach may be appropriate, depending on the circumstances.

Simple spot repair or more?

Falling shingles

The precise reason for the leak is a critical factor. If the leak happened because of a branch crashing into the roof, a proper repair is all that is needed. However, if the leak is the result of aging or deteriorating shingles, flashing, underlayment of other roof components, a spot repair might not be enough. You might find yourself investing in one repair only to discover that another similar repair is needed next year. When ultraviolet light, wind and moisture take a toll over the years, it might be better to invest in re-roofing.

Signing a Contract

Once you choose an estimate, make sure you enter into a proper contract with the roofing company. The agreement should clearly detail the following.

  • What the work will include
  • When the work will be done
  • Type of materials to be used
  • When payments are due

Also, make sure your contractor of choice is state-licensed. Ask to see a certificate of insurance that proves the company carries sufficient insurance – a minimum of $500,000 of general liability insurance in New Jersey.

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