The Most Commonly Asked Insurance Roof Replacement Questions

When you have insurance roof replacement questions of any kind, you want answers you can trust. Some agents and the insurers they represent are trustworthy, and they mean well. However, no one can assess a roof’s condition quite like an experienced roofing specialist can. By contrast, insurers ask their adjusters to assess all types of residential damage. Roofing expertise is not always a given.

How can I successfully file an insurance claim when my roof is damaged in a storm?

When your roof is compromised, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. The safety of your family and the security of your possessions are at stake. When your roof requires repair or replacement, it’s essential to get quality roofing work completed ASAP. It’s also vital that you get a top-notch warranty covering both materials and workmanship.

Yes, it is certainly important to secure your home and its contents without undue delay. At the same time, you don’t want to get careless about the process just to get it over with. A high-quality roof replacement and a top-notch warranty will combine to give you real peace-of-mind. They’ll also preserve the resale value of your home should you decide to sell at some point.

To enhance the chance for a positive experience, make two contacts. First, reach out to your insurance agent. Second, get some help from a reputable local roofing contractor.

What happens if you only work with your insurer’s claims adjuster?

Many NJ homeowners have paid many thousands of dollars in homeowner’s insurance premiums over the years. However, not all that many have filed a claim. A lack of familiarity with the claims process makes it important to get help. Homeowners rarely work with their insurers. Well-established roofing companies work with insurance companies all the time. An independent roofing contractor cannot help you negotiate with the insurance company. The contractor can help you understand the full extent of your roof damage, though.

Ideally, you’ll call on a local roofing company familiar with the estimating software many insurers use. Such a roofer knows how to document damage using technical language the insurer understands. It’s ideal to have a professional estimate before the insurance representative arrives to look at your roof.

You want to avoid the aggravation associated with an insurer downplaying the severity of your roof damage. There are both good and bad insurance practices in the marketplace. The problem is, you don’t know how your insurer will handle your claim until you’re well into the process. If it’s only you and the adjuster, there’s always a chance you’ll receive less than fair treatment. Having a reputable contractor with you from the start can bring you real peace-of-mind during a trying time.

Will depreciation reduce what the insurance company pays?

Maybe, maybe not. Let’s say your roof needs to be replaced due to wind, hail, fire or other covered peril. Depreciation schedules vary a great deal. For example, one insurer gives an example of a 25-year roof that they would depreciate at four percent per year. Therefore, a 10-year-old roof would be depreciated 40 percent. If you have “actual cash value” (ACV) coverage, the insurer will pay out the ACV of the roofless depreciation. Don’t forget they will also subtract the deductible from any payment.

The exact terms of your policy are key. Something called “recoverable depreciation” may also come into play. This is common if you have replacement cost value (RCV) coverage. Value Penguin discusses recoverable depreciation. It’s a term that many are not familiar with. When it applies, it may get you a second insurance check. To better understand your coverage, review your policy with your agent.

In extreme cases, an insurer might even deny a claim. The company might assert the homeowner is at fault for not performing timely repairs or a timely roof replacement. With so much at stake, it’s reassuring to know you have a knowledgeable roofing contractor in your corner. Again, this independent contractor can’t negotiate your claim. However, the contractor can give you the straight scoop on your roofing situation.

What happens if the roofer discovers more extensive roof damage after work begins?

There’s another reason to enlist the services of an independent roofing contractor. Sometimes more damage appears only after the roof repair/replacement gets started. In such a scenario, it’s reassuring to know you have a strong partner on your side. If more damage appears, a true roofing specialist brings credibility to the situation. Such a roofer knows how to document the previously undetected damage using technical language insurers can’t get around.

A homeowner has several goals when facing the need to file an insurance claim. First, every homeowner wants roof work to move forward without delay. Second, every homeowner wants to know that all damage is addressed. Third, every homeowner wants quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to make their home whole again.

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