The partnership between Owens Corning and CRS is a natural one. Both companies have a longstanding commitment to high quality, and both operate in northern New Jersey. Owens Corning has a plant in Kearny, while CRS is located in Dumont, about 20 miles to the north.


The Owens Corning contractor certification process is highly selective. Owens Corning applies these standards when evaluating contractors:

Long Standing Business

CRS has been in business since 1977 and has worked on numerous New Jersey residences.

Good Reputation

Owens Corning screens contractor applicants for professional craftsmanship, customer service, and financial stability.

Willingness to Participate

Contractors must agree to annual inspections that occur without notice.

Solid Business Credentials

Roofing products must be installed by contractors in compliance with manufacturer specifications.


Owens Corning rewards the excellence of top roofing contractors. CRS is the proud recipient of these awards.

Platinum Preferred Contractor Award

Less than one percent of the nation’s roofing contractors are Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors. Owens Corning authorizes these contractors to offer homeowners its very best warranties.

Platinum Service Excellence Award

Contractors who effectively excel in educating homeowners on the benefits of installing a complete roofing system are awarded the Owens Corning Gold Product Excellence Award. These contractors offer the best quality customer service and education to residential homeowners.

Platinum Bright Star Award

The Bright Star Award recognizes Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractors in recognition of their growth, leadership, and involvement in their industry. This award is given out to only twelve Platinum Preferred contractors in the nation per year.

Platinum Top Performer Award

Owens Corning honors the top Platinum Preferred contractors in the industry with the Platinum Top Performer Award. Contractors with the highest quality, trustworthy, and dependable work are honored regionally each year.

Veteran Roofing Giveback Program

CRS partners with Backpacks for Life. This is a nonprofit organization bridging the gap between veterans and much-needed resources. Now, there’s a new CRS initiative to benefit veterans, the Veteran Roofing Giveback Program. In cooperation with Owens Corning, CRS will donate one new roof to one veteran every year. Owens Corning supplies the necessary roofing materials, and CRS provides the labor.

Proudly Serving New Jersey

Owens Corning and CRS partner to bring New Jersey homeowners the very best in residential roofing.

About Owens Corning

Owens Corning is one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the United States. The company employs more than 20,000 people, and its annual revenues exceed $7 billion. It has been a Fortune 500 company for 64 consecutive years. It maintains about 100 operations on four continents, including one in Kearny, NJ.

About CRS

Since 1977, CRS has served thousands of northern NJ homeowners from its Dumont, NJ, headquarters. CRS is a Platinum Preferred Contractor, placing it in the top tier of Owens Corning certified contractors.