Annual Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

CRS is proud to offer a new, annual commercial roof maintenance program in addition to our repair and replacement services. Regular maintenance is a crucial investment for your business and can save time and money over the life of your roof.

Our Commercial Maintenance Program includes:

Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Drain and Gutter Cleaning


Hole repairs, seam repairs, and more

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Whether it is a lack of knowledge or concern about the cost, regular roof maintenance is often overlooked. However, we offer a package to fit your budget. With regular service visits, small issues can be addressed before irreparable damage occurs. Each tier offers hole repairs, drain and gutter cleaning, and maintenance to prevent long-term damage to your roof. With our annual subscriptions, you are guaranteed to save money over individual service calls.

A few of the top level benefits of regular maintenance include:

Breakdown of Packages

1 Roof Inspection and Maintenance2 Roof Inspections and Maintenance2 Roof Inspections and Maintenance
First available time slot for service48-72 hour response time for service24 hour response time for service
Visit AnnuallyVisits AnnuallyVisits Annually
Drain, Scupper and Gutter CleaningDrain, Scupper and Gutter CleaningDrain, Scupper and Gutter Cleaning
Debris / Trash RemovalDebris / Trash RemovalDebris / Trash Removal
Hole Repairs - 5 HolesHole Repair - 10 HolesHole Repair - 15 Holes
HD PhotosHD PhotosHD Photos
XDrone imagesDrone images
XCoping & CounterflashingCoping & Counterflashing
XSeam RepairsSeam Repairs
XXFill Pitch Pockets
XRoof DrawingRoof Drawing
XRoof ReportRoof Report
X1 Free Service Call1- year warranty
XXPortal Access
XXAnnual Budget
XXFree Infrared Moisture Scan
XXDedicated roof consultant

Call us today to speak with our commercial roofing experts and receive a no-obligation quote for your Commercial Maintenance Package.