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333 River Rd Hoboken, NJ

Existing Condition:

The existing roof is a 20 year old fully adhered EPDM roof that was installed over a concrete roof deck. Over the years the roof has been used for more then just waterproofing. Sections of the roof are leased to cell company’s for their antenna sites. This roof is in a high wind up lift area and requires a roof system that’s designed to handle such loads.


#1: Continue to maintain the roofs and push off replacement to another day. #2: Install a .060 EPDM roof system that’s designed to handle the wind requirements of the buildings location.

Size of Roof:

75,000 sq ft

Scope of Work:

Install a .60 Wind Vented EPDM roof system directly over the prepared roof surface. Cut out and repair all wall flashings that have become un-adhered over time. Make required air seals prior to install the new EPDM membrane. Upon completion and the manufacturer’s inspection a 20 year warranty NDL warranty will be issued.

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