Roofing in NJ: 4 Things You Need To Know

Your roof protects everything under it — your home, your loved ones, and all your possessions. You want to make smart decisions about your roof and ensure it is well-maintained. There’s also the matter of your home’s value. A roof in need of repair reduces your property’s value, while a well-maintained roof increases it and can be a positive if you are looking to sell your home.

With roofing costs continuing to rise, choosing a contractor who has the trust and experience needed for high-quality roofing in NJ is vital. You want to establish a solid relationship with a roofer you can trust, who can maintain your roof for years to come, but where do you begin? Read on to get our four things you need to know about roofing in NJ.

Important Things to Know About Roofing in NJ

On the surface, it may be challenging to tell roofers apart from their websites, but there are several key considerations to review. Some roofers in New Jersey are true full-service contractors, while others focus on single aspects of exterior home improvement. Some have established significant relationships with major roofing manufacturers, while others have not.

When you are looking for quality roofing services you can trust, keep these four things in mind.

Not all roofers are the same

While many roofing contractors may look the same on the surface, there are significant differences. Some of the most reputable roofers have many years of experience. In contrast, others are new to the business, either offering roofing in addition to general contracting services or having just started in the industry.

At the extreme low-end of the spectrum are the “fly-by-night’ roofers who arrive from out-of-town after a bad storm. These contractors often use inferior materials, have installers lacking proper installation techniques, and offer baseless warranties that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

For NJ homeowners, the ideal option for roofing in NJ is a local, reputable contractor with years of experience who supports local communities. These contractors understand the importance of customer service and seek long-term relationships with their valued customers. Reputation, community commitment, and customer relationships are all intertwined for these roofers.

It’s always reassuring to find a roofer like this, who you can trust year after year. You can call on such a contractor for inspections, maintenance and more. When there’s an emergency, you know who to call.

The New Jersey climate requires superior materials and workmanship

When you invest in roofing in NJ, it’s essential to consider the weather extremes we experience. The Middlesex County community of Runyan once saw a 110-degree day. Not too far away in Bergen County, River Dale experienced the state’s coldest temperature ever — minus 34 degrees!

Under extreme conditions like these, asphalt shingles must not warp in the heat or get brittle in the cold. Your roof needs to endure blistering heat and bone-chilling cold for decades to come.

Shingles must also endure the extreme winds that assault northern New Jersey almost every year. Tropical storms, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and nor’easters come with dangerous wind gusts.

The hurricane-force winds common with these storms represent a danger to your roof as well. Here’s where the adhesive strip on every shingle’s underside is vital, and proper installation is critical. To stand up to the extreme winds New Jersey can experience, shingles wind-rated at 130 mph or more are your best bet.

residential shingle roofing in NJ being installed by trained contractor

Factory certification matters

For the best results, installation that follows all manufacturer’s specifications is another key to success. One way to ensure that you’ll get truly professional roofing in NJ is to use a factory-certified roofer.

Big roofing manufacturers bestow a special status upon the very best roofing contractors. For example, GAF awards its “Master Elite” status to less than three percent of roofers nationwide. Likewise, Owens Corning only confers its “Platinum Preferred” certification upon top roofing companies. These roofers have shown their quality and have proven they install the products to manufacturers’ specifications to receive these certifications.

Roofing manufacturers also authorize these high-ranking roofing contractors to offer the best warranties, which can often transfer to future homeowners.

Some roofers offer more complete services than others.

There is much more to roofing in NJ than just repairing or replacing an aging roof. The best local roofers can often replace a roof in a single day. But what happens after the roof is complete? To maintain the roof at peak quality, you’ll need a roofing contractor to provide roof inspections and maintenance. Annual inspections detect minor issues before they become major ones and play a role in maintaining your warranty.

Many NJ homeowners also want seasonal maintenance in the spring and fall to clean gutters, deal with moss growth, remove fallen branches and more. In the event you need emergency repairs, a trusted roofer is vital. Finally, you’ll want a roofer that will stand by your side through the insurance claims process if there are any significant repairs that your homeowner’s policy covers.

In addition to roofing, it is valuable to trust the company you chose for other home improvement services. Some companies offer siding, window replacement, and insulation services in addition to roofing.

Some contractors also provide exterior cleaning services, such as soft washing to clear away dirt, grime, moss and algae streaks, and power washing to restore the appearance of siding, decks, fences, sidewalks and drives.

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