Will My Home Insurance Cover Winter Weather Roof Damage?

Winter weather can bring many events that cause damage to your roof.

Ice buildup, heavy snow, hail and high winds are all potential sources for roofing problems.

Report Problems Immediately

Your insurance company will require you to report any winter weather roof damage as soon as possible. Covered damages normally include broken or missing shingles from wind, damage from ice dams, damage from hail and broken tree limbs that fall on to the roof. Try to take photos if possible, but protect your safety and do not climb on the roof to do so.

Your Responsibility

If the damage is severe and water is leaking into your home, you are obligated to take reasonable steps to protect the house from further damage. Solutions may include having professionals install a tarp over missing shingles or other work that will stop water from entering your home. The insurance company will want to inspect, so your temporary repairs should hold up until they have had that chance. Your insurance will pay for the temporary repairs.

Amount The Insurance Company Will Pay

Once the extent of the damage is determined, and the claim is approved, most homeowner’s policies will pay for the full replacement cost value (RCV), less any standard deductible, for the costs of repairing winter weather roof damage.

When Winter Weather Roof Damage May Not Be Covered

Your homeowner’s insurance should protect you against winter weather roof damage that is sudden, accidental or malicious.  While damage from storms is normally covered, if the insurance company feels that the damage was due to neglect, your claim may be denied. Failure to maintain your roof properly, or take steps to prevent damage, will be considered neglect. The insurance company may feel that the damage occurred from aging or normal wear and tear, which is not covered.

There are some policies that obligate the insurance company to pay only the Actual Cost Value (ACV) amount. This is the replacement amount less depreciation for age and or condition. Other policies may limit the causes or “perils” that are covered. If you are not sure of your coverage you should contact your insurance broker for a review.

If you have damage to your roof due to the winter weather, at CRS we can help. Contact us about our emergency roof repair service.

Remember, do not delay reporting winter weather roof damage to your insurance company. Delays can cause your claim to be denied. Do take steps to protect your home and the contents with temporary repairs, if needed.

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