The Benefits of Semi-Annual Commercial Roof Inspections

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Commercial roof inspections should be part of your building maintenance plan. Having a roof inspected twice a year will catch issues before problems become expensive or cause damage to the rest of the building.

Ensure that you’re protecting one of your biggest commercial investments.

Get Accurate Information

While your maintenance personnel can handle many of your repair needs, you need experts to handle major building equipment and structural issues. Your roof is a critical part of your building’s structure, it does more than just keep rain out. If the roof becomes worn out or damaged, it can lose its integrity.

Why Inspect Your Roof Two Times per Year?

The environment can impact your roof in different ways every season. Snow and ice can work its way under different types of roofing materials. High winds and hail can damage shingles, tiles and even EPDM or coated roofs. Heat in the summer may cause expansion and cracking around flashings that can lead to leaks. Regular roof inspections are sometimes even required as part of roofing material warranties.

When you set up a plan for semi-annual commercial roofing inspections, you have one less thing to try to keep track of. Your contractor will handle all of the details and you no longer have to think about the condition of your roof. If any problems are found, you will receive a detailed report that allows you to make an informed decision regarding any repairs.

Keep Your Business Running

Catching small problems allows you to get them repaired before serious damage is done to your roof or leaks start to develop. If leaks go unnoticed, you may end up with wall and ceiling damage or even mold. If your roof ends up failing, you may face a loss of operating ability for several days or longer. Commercial roof inspections give you the ounce of prevention you need to avoid costly repairs and lost business.

Technology offers you even more from your commercial roof inspections. Infrared Thermography will reveal areas where moisture is damaging your roof below the visible surface. This type of problem not only harms the structure, it can reduce the energy efficiency of your building.


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