How to Determine Roof Replacement Cost in NJ

The best way to determine the cost of replacing your roof is to get competing quotes from roofing contractors you trust.

There are many variables that impact roof replacement cost in NJ and meeting with a number of contractors will help you understand the factors that will impact the cost of your project.

Variables that Impact Roof Replacement Cost in NJ

There are a number of important aspects to roof replacement. All of these variables will play a role in influencing the cost of your roof replacement.

Roof size

Of course, the cost of your residential roof replacement is determined in part by the size of your roof. Roofers measure your roof to establish the number of squares of shingles required. Every square is 100 sq. ft.

Roof pitch

The pitch of your roof can impact the cost of a roof replacement. For example, a roof with a pitch greater than 6:12 is typically not walkable, meaning that extra equipment and labor is required to replace it.

Roof detail

Roofs with a large number of protrusions require more detail work, including the careful measuring and cutting of shingles, felt and underlayment. Vents, skylights, chimneys and dormers require the application of flashings and caulking to keep moisture out. Roofs with more planes and angles also require more detail work.

Removal/disposal of old roofing

If you have a single layer of shingles on your roof, local codes often allow you to re-roof right over them. However, this is only allowed when there is a single layer of existing roofing.

When there are already multiple layers of shingles, they must be removed. This increases labor expenses and disposal costs.

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Quality of materials

The quality of materials also impacts price. For example, the architectural shingles used on many Bergen County NJ homes are heavier and more expensive than traditional three-tab shingles.

Highly reflective shingles, like GAF’s Timberline Cool Series, might cost a little more, but that extra cost might be more than offset by decreased cooling costs during the hot, humid summer months.

Optional Variables that Impact Roof Replacement Cost

Adding insulation, upgrading ventilation and installing an ice shield can increase overall costs. Of course, homeowners that make these additional investments may enjoy better waterproofing and energy savings.

Ventilation upgrades

In northern New Jersey, about one in 10 residential roofs lack proper ventilation. One reason for this is that many homes were designed and built at a time when energy costs were not a big consideration.

There is no better time to correct ventilation problems than during residential re-roofing. For example, simple ridge vents can be supplemented by an electric fan that will more effectively draw hot air out of your attic and home. You’ll reduce cooling costs, and these savings can add up over time.

Upgrade insulation

Architects designed some northern New Jersey roofs when the value of insulation was underappreciated.

Since then, energy costs have soared and building codes have been upgraded in response. The addition of a layer of fiberglass batt insulation can reduce energy costs and meet code requirements.

Ice shields

Many property owners recognize the value of an ice shield installed over some or all of the roof. This flexible, waterproof material provides an added measure of protection against the problems caused by ice dams.

Compare Reputable, Local Roofers

To determine your residential roof replacement cost, it is important to begin by narrowing your list of potential roofers.

  • Compare the recommendations of family members, neighbors, friends and work associates.
  • Look for manufacturer certifications, awards and other accolades.
  • Review testimonials on contractor’s websites, and compare online ratings.

Comparing bids

Next, invite several of the best contractors to visit your property and submit bids. Compare differences that impact costs. For example, one contractor might include higher-quality materials in the bid.

Or, a contractor might recommend the installation of an ice shield on part or all of the roof while another might omit this. As you compare quotes, you will quickly get “up to speed” as to what your roof needs and why.

Understanding real costs

Watch for roof replacement quotes that may understate the real costs. Whenever competitive bidding occurs, an occasional roofer will be tempted to understate costs to get the job.

For example, beware of quotes that only state materials costs per square or that omit permit costs. As a homeowner, your primary concern is the total cost of materials, labor, permitting and other expenses.

Improved resale values

Finally, keep in mind that you’ll often benefit from a timely, high-quality roof replacement through increased resale values.

Every year, Remodeling magazine calculates the average percentage of a new roof that is “recovered” in this way. According to its Cost v. Value Report, a homeowner can recoup 69.4 percent of an average roof replacement at resale.

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roof replacement cost nj

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