5 Steps to Take to Prepare for Replacing a Roof

Does the roof that protected your home for years and years now show signs of wear and tear? Perhaps repeat cycles of summer heat and Arctic cold have cracked or curled some shingles. Relentless winds may have taken their toll. Nails and adhesive strips may have loosened their grip to the point that water can infiltrate your roof.

Perhaps you’ve already paid for repairs, and you fear there will be more. You think it might be time for a roof replacement, but you want a professional assessment first. How should you prepare for replacing a roof?

Prepare for Replacing a Roof: 5 Steps

The very first steps you take to replace your roof will greatly impact your final result. When repairs to your aging roof just won’t cut it anymore, get ready to replace your roof in five simple steps.

1. Schedule a visit by a certified roof inspector

When you need major car work, you look for a certified mechanic who can determine exactly what you need. Likewise, when you consider a roof replacement, you want to find a qualified, certified roof inspector to properly assess your roofing needs.

2. Select a qualified, reputable roofing contractor

Fortunately, many of northern New Jersey’s most experienced and reputable contractors employ certified roof inspectors.

Use a step-by-step process to select a roofing company you can trust:

  • Seek referrals from neighbors, friends or co-workers
  • Look for factory-certified contractors
  • Consult online ratings and testimonials
  • Seek quick, efficient project completion

Although referrals are always one of the best sources of names, you can also learn more about roofing companies online. Look for roofing contractors certified by well-known roofing manufacturers like GAF and Owens Corning because such contractors must meet stringent qualifications. For example, only three percent of the nation’s roofers are certified by GAF as Master Elite Contractors.

Finally, identify contractors who use larger, more experienced crews. These contractors often have the means to complete NJ roof replacements in a day or two, minimizing the impact on the busy lives of their clients.

3. Research types of roofs

It’s always helpful to research different kinds of asphalt shingle roofs so you can make an educated decision. Naturally, you want an attractive, durable roof that fits your budget.

Architectural shingles

These attractive, durable shingles are becoming very popular when NJ roof replacements are required. You’ll also hear them referred to as compositional or dimensional shingles. A tough, tear-resistant fiberglass mat is sandwiched between two layers of asphalt, making them thicker than traditional three-tab shingles. One example is GAF’s Timberline brand. It is now the top-selling architectural shingle in America.

Premium-grade architectural shingles may include special cuts that mimic the look of shakes or slate. Some feature shadow patterns that make them look even more textured and three-dimensional.

Three-tab shingles

Traditional three-tab asphalt shingles dominated the New Jersey roofing market for many years. The asphalt is reinforced by a layer of fiberglass. Each shingle consists of three “tabs,” each about one foot long. These shingles are worth considering when there are budgetary considerations. However, warranty periods are usually shorter. For example, although a GAF Golden Pledge Warranty covers architectural shingles for 50 years, it covers three-tab shingles for 20 years.

4. Sign paperwork

Signing the paperwork is a key step when you prepare to replace your roof. You want legal documents to include all important details – nothing should be left to chance. A proper contract should include:

  • Start date
  • Quantity and type of materials
  • The total cost of labor and materials
  • A payment schedule noting the size and timing of deposits

Finally, don’t rely on verbal promises before or during the project. Get everything in writing.

5. Prepare your home inside and out

IMG 4268As you prepare for the arrival of the roofing crew, focus on the areas directly below the edges of your roof. It’s ideal if you relocate outdoor furniture, grills, flower pots and other movable items. Although the crew can cover landscaping and some items with tarps, it is best to provide the roofing technicians easy access to the roof at different points around your home.

Your home’s design may influence how much you’ll want to prepare the inside of your home. A roof replacement involves some vibration caused by crews and power tools, particularly when a tear-off is part of the job. When appropriate, take down artwork from the walls, and remove valuables from narrow shelves.

In many households, pets have their favorite spots around the yard. Since falling debris is a possibility during a roof replacement, it is important that pets be kept inside or taken elsewhere.

Conscientious roofers will promptly deliver a debris container before the crew arrives, and they’ll promptly remove the filled container when the project is complete.

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